Thursday, 4 July 2013

Today's tear in my eye moment...

Today was Chester's second 'settling in' afternoon at Primary School.

He was super excited about it and before the time came to go in he was telling me what he thought he might do and who he might play with.

When we walked into the School reception however, my confident boy had been replaced with a shy and clingy boy. Apart from last week, this has not happened to Chester since the day he started Nursery School.

I tried to encourage him to play with the others whilst we were waiting to go through to the classroom, but he just did not want too.

When it was finally time to go through, and they were all asked to sit on the rug, he chose to sit by himself and not with the others. To be honest I could of burst into tears right there. But I kept it together for his sake. Before I left I told him to move closer to the other children, and the teaching assistant came over and encouraged him too. He did sit with the others, as I waved him goodbye he just gave me a lost look.

I was so sad to leave him there, but knew it was the best thing to do. I did have a few tears in my eyes by the time I got back to my car.

Luckily the one and a half hours went by quickly and it was soon time to go back and see how Chester had got on.

I arrived a little early and got chatting to some of the parents, who were very nice and put my mind at ease a bit. When it was time to go through to the classroom I could see that Chester was now surrounded by the others and he seemed very comfortable in there.

The teacher reassured me he had been fine and had got on well with the others.

He did chat to me a little bit on the way home about a puppet show he put on and some new friends he had made. I think it is still all sinking in for him though, so he may speak more about it tomorrow.

Next in the School milestone is attending the Fete at the weekend and then picking up his School Uniform.

How is it already time for my little boy to go to School?! The last four years have gone super fast!!

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