Sunday, 7 July 2013

Preparing for our day trip to France!

Early last month I got a really awesome email. The email was from Actimel, about a bloggers family wellbeing index funding that I had applied for.

The theme for the funding this time was connect, this is what they said they were looking for...

"CONNECT - Chat, debate, discuss, laugh and cry - it's all healthy. It doesn't matter what's said, the valuable thing is that something is said.
Example submission - Funding towards basic French lessons so the family can speak to friends or family in Paris over the phone."

and this was the entry I sent in....

My name is Sammie and I blog at all about family life and would love to enter for the connect part of the competition..

Living in Kent we are are hop skip and a train or boat ride away from France. I think it would be great to have a day trip over there to explore and teach our Children about different language and culture. We would love to do something that would get our son (age 4) asking lots of why and how questions and our daughter (16 months) to point at lots of new things. 

Perhaps visit a French patisserie to sample some delicious French bread or pastries. Stroll around a French market or visit a museum. Anything to fuel conversation, and even compare/debate cultural differences.

Kind regards

So as you can see I applied for funding for a day trip to France, and we won! I am super excited about this, it is going to be a fantastic day. I can not wait to use this day trip to connect with our Children, using different language and culture to fuel conversation!

I have been chatting with Actimel over the last month and this Wednesday is finally the day of our trip!

We decided to travel to Lille via Eurostar. We only live a very short car journey away from a Eurostar station so it made so much sense to catch the train! After researching different areas I decided that Lille would be a great place to explore and get us all connecting with the locals! They have all sorts of lovely things going on in Lille, traditional street markets, wonderful patisseries, a natural history museum and a zoo! And to my surprise the zoo is free to get into!

I have already been teaching Chester some basic French (and I mean basic, I have learnt a lot from his first 100 French words book!) and he is very excited to put that into practise on Wednesday! He is mostly looking forward to saying Bonjour and Merci! Millie is saying new words daily and it would be great to get her involved with the phrases, although I predict that the highlight of Millie's day will involve 'connecting' with the cakes in one of the lovely patisseries!

We have been sent some wonderful goodies to help us have a great and memorable day, so a BIG thank you to Aaron who got these sent out to us. The childrens reactions when I opened the package was just amazing. They were bouncing off of the walls all afternoon! Chester has been taking the photography very seriously (takes after Mummy) and has taken lots of 'practise' shots. Millie has spent a lot of time fitting as many dollies as possible into Terrance the Trunki! She will probably be disappointed come Tuesday evening when I evict them! Equally, Craig and I are thrilled to receive a Camera to help us take some awesome pictures of our day! The little extras for the train to keep us all occupied on the journey are a lovely thought and no doubt will be lifesavers on the day!

I need to also take a photo of the My first French books for Chester and Millie as they really are great, a great learning tool for little ones!

I have studied the map and guide and have a plan in my mind of the best places to visit and where roughly we should be stopping for lunch etc. But at the same time I think it will be lovely to just get off of that train and stroll around taking in the local sites and culture. I would love to take the children to the museum and to the zoo, so hopefully we will manage to do at least one of those things, our train back is not until late so I am confident we will get to see and do lots!

If you blog I would TOTALLY recommend that you pop over to the Actimel Family well being index page and see how you can apply for the next lot of funding, which I believe is themed Move.

If anyone has been to Lille before and has any hints, tips or suggestions for us they would be gratefully received!

I will be blogging about our day on our return so look out for that post (or two!)

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