Friday, 19 July 2013

Monsters University soundtrack review

We are MASSIVE fans of all things Disney in this house, so it is no surprise that we all love Monsters Inc! When I heard that there was to be a prequel in the form of Monsters University I was just so excited! We are yet to see the film, I want to wait until the summer holidays are upon us and then we will be going to the cinema to see it. We have seen trailers and it looks awesome! 

So back to the point.... I was recently asked to review the soundtrack for Monsters University, I was really
 looking forward to seeing what kind of music would be included.

It has a 20 track play list and is only available for download here in the UK. It costs £8.99 and is available from Itunes.

Monsters University Track Listing:

1. Randy Newman - Main Title

2. Randy Newman - Young Michael

3. Randy Newman - First Day at MU

4. Randy Newman - Dean Hardscrabble

5. Randy Newman - Sulley

6. Randy Newman - Scare Pig

7. Randy Newman - Wasted Potential

8. Randy Newman - Oozma Kappa

9. Randy Newman - Stinging Glow Urchin

10. Randy Newman - Field Trip

11. Randy Newman - Rise and Shine

12. Randy Newman - The Library

13. Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso - Roar

14. Randy Newman - The Scare Games

15. Randy Newman - Did You Do This?

16. Randy Newman - Human World

17. Randy Newman - The Big Scare

18. Randy Newman - Goodbyes

19. Randy Newman - Mike and Sulley

20. Randy Newman - Monsters University

I decided to put the soundtrack on one sunny afternoon when we were all in the garden. It was all music and out of the 20 tracks only one was a song. This did not stop Millie though she was really happy with the music choice. Chester was confused at first and asked me why there were no words but he soon grew to love it and I am sure that after we have seen the film he will relate to the music more.

A favourite track with both children was number 11 rise and shine, it was very upbeat and they have both now mastered a little dance march to do when listening to that track!

If you are Disney fans and have seen the film you will love this soundtrack, you will also recognise similarities in the music as it is composed by Randy Newman, who has worked on previous Disney/pixar films including Monsters Inc and Toy Story!

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