Saturday, 20 July 2013

Millie's milestones 18 months

18 Months already?! Time is going so quickly! Over the last month Millie has, yet again, amazed me. She is learning so much everyday, she is a little sponge soaking it all in.

Her milestones this month include...

Counting. When I say one she says two. She can not say the further numbers clearly but she does mimic their sounds.

Words. She does a similar thing with some words, I say ready and she clearly says steady! She can mimic the sounds of the alphabet and she will 'sing' twinkle twinkle little star with me. Her favourite words this month are bubbles, brother, baby, dolly, doggy, who's that, what's that, and NO.

Pointing out animals and sound their sounds is something we do daily.

She understands everything we are saying now. The other day I explained to Chester that we were going out but I would just need to change Millie's nappy first. The next thing I know Millie walks in with a nappy in her hand!

Millie has become a bit of a monkey with her food, she has decided that she only likes certain things. Those things normally exclude fruit and/or veg.

She loves to blow kisses at everyone.

Playing with play food and drink is a great game for Millie, she loves it most when she gives you the pretend food and you pretend to eat it. Even better when you exclaim 'delicious' afterwards! A play kitchen will definitely be on her Christmas or Birthday list!

But her most favourite thing to do this month is climb up and over the sofa! She is such a little monkey, she knows she shouldn't do it but she just gives a cheeky grin and carries on anyway!

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