Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Green Toys Tugboat Review

Last week we were sent a really lovely water toy. The Green Toys Tugboat. It came in perfect timing, the weather was warm and the paddling pool was out!

The Tugboat is derived from 100% recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials, Earth-friendly, fully recyclable packaging that is easy for children and adults to open. It contain no traceable amounts of Phthalates, BPA or PVC, and no external coatings or paint. That is good to know.

So the Tugboat was put in the paddling pool and was an immediate hit! Both children loved playing with the boat. Not only did it bob up and down on the water, its handy carry handle and spout meant that it was perfect for little hands to grip and they could fill the Tugboat with water and pour it out. This became a fun game, between them they had lots of fun moving water around the paddling pool.

We have also used the Tugboat in the bath, again it has been a great imaginative toy for them to play with.

Its large spout also make it an ideal water pourer for hair washing. Unfortunately, Chester and Millie do not agree with me on this. I poured the water, and they screamed!!

I think that the Tugboat would make a great gift for any child under the age of 6. Aside from the hair washing, both Chester and Millie have really loved playing with it and I can see it getting lots of use, especially in the paddling pool!

The Green Toys Tugboat is available to buy on the learning resources website at a price of £11.94. Given its size, a lot bigger than an average water toy boat and the fact it is environmentally friendly, I think the price is a fair one. In my opinion though, if I was buying one, I would say £10 would be a more attractive price.

Learning Resources have kindly give me and my readers a free delivery code when purchasing from the Learning Resources website before 31st December 2013. All you need to do is enter the code   'BLOGGER 13' at the checkout when you place your order!

Having ordered from Learning resources before (mainly for their wonderful hot dots cards) I can happily say that they are a great company to purchase from, my orders have always turned up very quickly and well packaged.

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