Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fun in the sun with some Summer crafts! #cbias

So collective bias asked me to go to Asda and shop for Craft items. You can see how I got with the shopping trip by taking a look at my google plus album.

The plan was to make some Summer themed crafts. I really wanted to make some paper mache pots and then use some of our craft items to decorate them with a beach or sea theme.

The first part, the paper mache, did go wrong. I will explain.

When I was a child my Mother used to give us balloons to paper mache and paint. It was awesome. So when I came up with the idea of paper mache pots I did not think through how I was going to get the pot away from the paper mache pot when it had dried!

I started by covering my old terracotta garden pots with cling film and then happily got on with pasting torn up newspaper to it, using a paste made up of flour and water. I built up around 5 layers of the paper/paste combination and then left the pots to dry overnight.

The next day it then took a further 8 hours for the pots to be completely dry, so I am glad that I made them and did not tell the children, can you imagine the amount of times Chester would've said can we paint them yet! When it finally was time to pull the pots away from the mould, I very quickly realised that no matter how much I pulled the cling film they were never going to come free! So in the end I kindly asked Craig to smash the terracotta pots with a hammer to release our paper mache pots!!

Sadly Millie had gone for a nap by the time we got round to decorating the pots so it was left to Chester and I to get the pots looking very Summery!

As you will see, Chester and I have a very different view on what a seaside would look like! I like that Chester has chosen to steer his more towards the beach and me the sea. They complement each other I think.

The no spill paint pots came in very handy, they have coloured lids so I was able to put blue paint in the blue lidded pot and the yellow paint into the yellow lidded pot.

We painted the pots, I chose to paint Millie's with yellow on the base for sand and blue across the rest for the sea. Chester decided to paint his blue and then a bit yellow. But then he discovered something very cool (for a 4 year old) the yellow mixed with the blue makes green! His favourite colour! So his pot is a mixed colour beach scene!

We then used some of the shell sequins to decorate.

Next Chester sprinkled some glitter onto his pot, whilst I used glue to draw some fish and jellyfish shapes, which I then sprinkled glitter over and stuck on some googly eyes.

The finished pots....

We had a great time making these pots, even if we did have a few little problems along the way!

Chester, Millie and I also started to make/do some of the other crafts I brought in Asda.

The snail plant pots....

The plasticine pictures...

All of the craft items were just such a good price I could not resist and I can see them lasting us the Summer Holidays! Some things require lots of effort whilst others are easy enough to get out for an unplanned craft afternoon!

What are your favourite Summer craft activities to do with the children? I would love to know.

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