Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Everything's Rosie Now you see me, now you don't DVD review

Recently we were sent a copy of the newly released Everything's Rosie Now you see me, now you don't DVD. Both children like to watch the programme, especially Millie.

If you are unfamiliar of Everything's Rosie it is a childrens TV series shown on cbeebies. It is all about a little girl named Rosie, she embarks on lots of adventures and journeys of discovery along with her best friends Raggles, Will, Holly, Big Bear, Bluebird and Oakley.

The DVD has 13 all new series 2 episodes and is 2 hours 24 minutes long! WOW! I can get a lot of housework done in that time!

We all snuggled down on the sofa yesterday afternoon to watch the DVD. To my surprise the time seemed to go really quickly and both children were engrossed from start to finish! Millie screamed 'AGAIN' as soon as it finished! So I would say that is a thumbs up from her!

What I love about Everything's Rosie is bright and bold colours. It is eye catching and keeps my children watching! I also love that the stories each end with a 'the moral of the story is' kind of vibe. It is both fun and educational without the children even realising it!

So Millie is 17 months and Chester is 4. I would say it suited Millie's age range more, however Chester was still happy to watch and was just as hooked on it as Millie when it started. I would also say that it is pretty gender neutral and would appeal to both boys and girls.

What is even more fantastic is that the DVD can be brought for the bargain price of just £6.88 over on amazon at the moment! That is great value for such a lengthy childrens DVD!

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