Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Eco2life Review and Giveaway!

Last month we were sent a set of household products from Eco2life to try out. I was very interested to see how the products would work, especially as I have been a bit sceptical of eco friendly type products in the past.

Here is what they say:

Planet Earth eco2life have introduced a new range of household cleaning products with a unique refill and reuse system. It works and has been scientifically tested to be as good as the leading brand. It’s an absolute eco winner: To make a bottle of eco2life cleaner, fill a spray bottle about half full of ordinary tap water, simply add one ‘small wonder’ refill to the spray bottle and top up with cold tap water. Replace the trigger, give it a quick shake, and you're all set to go.

There is no schlepping of ‘water’ back and forth, requiring less production, less energy, less packaging. Their spray trigger is designed for a long life and the spray bottles are reusable...and it’s made in the UK! And of course it’s made from naturally derived readily biodegradable aquatic safe ingredients with fully recyclable packaging.

The idea sounds great, I love the idea that you reuse the spray bottle.

We were sent the Multi surface cleaner, the glass cleaner, the floor cleaner and the bath & shower cleaner. I have used them for around 4 weeks now.

As I use multi surface cleaners several times a day in our kitchen, that was the first of the products I tried out. To make up the bottle of cleaner, it really was as easy as it sounds. Unscrew the spray bottle top, half fill it with cold tap water, add the refill bottle, screw the cap back on and shake! It took me less than a minute!

The spray nozzle on the bottle is great, it covers a vast surface really quickly, and after weeks of using I am happy to say it really gives some of the leading brands I have been using a run for their money! It cleaned all of the kitchen surfaces I used it on effortlessly and although it smelt of cleaner, it was a nice smell. Not one of those overpowering make you choke smells!

Next up we used the bath and shower cleaner, we have both a bath and a shower in our house that get used daily, so cleaning them is a bit of a task. Again I was very impressed with the cleaner and the scent it left behind.

The glass cleaner is something I will admit I do not tend to really use. I will quite often just use paper towels and water. However, I did give the Eco2life glass cleaner a go and am glad I did. It cleans really well, not only did my windows come up lovely, my mirrors did too.

The floor cleaner is probably the only product of the ones I was sent that I would not go on to use again, not because it was not good. But because when I clean the floor I tend to use a steam cleaner which I find to be quicker and easier. Using a spray bottle was just not practical for me. However, I will say that it did clean the flooring well.

The RRP of the starter pack, including a reusable spray bottle and a refill is £3.50. The refills to buy separately are £2.50. This is probably slightly over what I would normally pay for cleaners, I am one of these people who bulk buys things like this when they are on offer. However, having used the products I do think that they are worth the money. Like I said I have been using the cleaners for around 4 weeks, the surface cleaner has been used the most and I do still have some left. So I would say you would need to buy the refills every 6-8 weeks on that. For me what is great about that, is storage. The refills are small enough to not take up too much room in the cleaning cupboard. Which is a problem I usually encounter when bulk buying!

I know that Eco2life have a promotion on a cleaning box at the moment. It includes everything I have just told you about PLUS 1 of each extra refill (so thats 2 refills) and 4 different colour high quality micro fibre cloths! All for the bargain price of £9.99!! What a bargain!

To find out more information on the Eco2life products and where you can buy them please visit their website.

But as the title of this post says, Eco2life have been very kind and allowed me to give one of the cleaning boxes away to one of my readers!

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