Saturday, 13 July 2013

Does your child have a problem understanding NO?

Just recently, Chester has become a bit of a pickle. He is only 4 (and 3 quarters) but he has taken it upon himself to act like a teenager. Stroppy tantrums, answering back and not listening.

I tend to be able to nip the answering back in the bud pretty quickly and he soon understands that he was in the wrong. However, it seems that his ears have a real problem hearing the words NO or don't do that.

Today for instance, he must of been told those words about 100 times. Chester don't pour water on your sisters head, Chester don't open that door, No Chester no more sun cream, no you are not eating those sweets today put them back, Chester, I said NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Why does he not listen?! It seems that no matter how many times I tell him, it just doesn't sink in?! He just completely ignores me!

Today, we had a day in the garden, I went out and bought a new paddling pool and it would've been a really great day. Had Chester listened to what I was telling him. I don't mind telling him NO once or even twice but 10 times and still no response just takes the mickey. It just made for a stressful day, if I am honest, most days with Chester are stressful right now!

Is anyone else experiencing this or has done in the past? I would love to get some advice from you on what is the best thing to do! I just feel like I might as well have my voice on record and repeat, he is becoming very challenging and I do not know how to get him to listen!

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