Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Diet Chef Week 2

So Week 2 of my Diet Chef diet has come to an end and I am now entering week 3.

Week 2 has been a really different to week 1 in many ways.

Firstly I am really surprised at myself, I never thought I would say this but I have not craved ANY chocolate over the past week! None at all!! Before this diet I would have chocolate at least once a day, I have got such a sweet tooth and thought it would be really hard not having any. Week 1 was extremely hard with headaches and real cravings, but week 2, I have not really given chocolate any thought!

Week 2 has seen a bit of a reversal in my cravings, as I have been really craving bread. Sandwiches to be exact. Not ever being a real fan of sandwiches this has surprised me a lot. Lunch times have been super hard for me, it has been so hot that soup is the last thing on my mind. Perhaps that is why I am craving sandwiches? I am not sure.

I did have a bit of a day off on Sunday. It was really hot, we went to a local PYO farm and had lots of fun picking strawberries and raspberries. We also came home with cherries and blackberries. Chester asked if we could make a crumble, so I caved in and had some. Along with hotdogs for dinner. I did however, notice a big change in my eating habits that day. Normally if I am offered BBQ food I like to try a bit of everything. But on Sunday I held back, didn't have any chips but chose salad instead. I also knew when to stop when I was full. This is a real turning point for me, so I can see that the diet chef routine is really starting to take effect.

With regards to weight loss this week I have stayed the same at 70kg. I suppose if I am honest I am a little bit disheartened about that. But on the other hand, I did lose 4kg last week (that's over 8lbs) so I suppose that was to be expected. At least I did not put any weight on, I am happy about that.

Food this week, breakfasts have been mainly porridge. Although it is really too hot to eat them, I am finding them to be delicious. Lunch has been soups, favourite this week being the sweetcorn and ham chowder. Which really surprised me. Snacks, I am really enjoying the oat bars and also the oat biscuits. I think this is because they are my one sweet treat. Dinners have mostly been positive this week, the chicken chasseur was really delicious, I was grateful for the Pasta Carbonara on the day I was particularly craving carbs, and the Chicken Fricassee really surprised me as I was unsure if I would like it or not. I was not too keen on the minced beef hotpot, I could see the fat on it and it did have a similar plastic taste to the lasagne. That was my only bad meal of the week though so I am happy with that.

What I am finding hard this week is microwaving all of my meals. As the only cook of the household I am cooking lovely fresh dinners for my family and not being able to eat them. I have found that I have picked just a little off of the childrens plates this week. Although most of the diet chef meals are nice, they obviously do not compare to fresh home cooked food. So this week I am really missing eating the same as my family.

I am really hopeful that I can loose some weight in week 3, although this week I have not lost any. My clothes are starting to become loose and I am seeing a change in my figure.

Keep an eye on my blog  for next weeks (week 3) update!!

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