Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Diet Chef - Week 1

So last week I told you how I was going to be on the diet chef diet for the next month. I won't lie, week one has been incredibly tough for me.

For most of the week I have suffered with headaches, I put this down to lack of chocolate and all things sweet. I have really craved those things and I really miss them. I also really miss sea salt and balsamic vinegar Kettle chips. Surprisingly though I do not miss takeaways and most days I am feeling full!

A food routine has also been tough for me, I am a nightmare at remembering to eat breakfast and rarely have time for lunch. However I have made a conscious effort to eat all 3 meals and 1 snack a day.

Week 1 thoughts on the food...

Breakfast was a little shocking at first, Day 1 and I poured my Muesli into one of Millie's plastic cereal bowls, it didn't even cover half of the bowl. In Fact it barely covered the bottom and Alpen it wasn't! The rest of the week has not been bad regards to breakfast though. I really am enjoying the different flavour porridge's with the strawberry one being my favourite. The breakfast cookies have saved me when I have woken up craving something sweet!

Lunch has been a lot tougher than I thought. This is partly my fault, I chose mainly all soups because I didn't like the 'salads' and I was not allowed the milkshakes. I have also got some protein bars and looking back I should of chosen a lot more of those. Every single soup I have tried has been delicious, in fact the soups are my favourite meal of the day. However, it is just not a practical lunch, I am a very busy Mummy and sometimes being somewhere that has a microwave around lunch time is just not possible. So if you are considering this diet I would recommend you choose some shakes and more protien bars too as they are much more portable!

Snacks, I have been having in the afternoon at around 3pm. They have been lovely, the popcorn in particular is very filling, the sweet and salty being my favourite. The oat bites are really moreish! I wish they sold them in the shops I would buy them!

Dinner has been a real mixed bag. The portion sizes are just right in my opinion. I loved the cottage pie, sweet and sour chicken, macaroni cheese and the sausage casserole. The lamb hot pot was ok although the fat along the top put me off. The Sausages in Onion gravy were not as nice as the sausages from the casserole, although they were edible. The same can not be said for the lasagne. It tasted really plasticy and was part of my major meltdown on Wednesday!

I shall explain... I had been on a picnic with the children and some friends on Tuesday. I took a protein bar for me. So on Wednesday when I was volunteering at a local Nursery I didn't really want to waste another protein bar I really should've ordered more. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it?! So what I did was have my porridge as normal and then I decided to take my snack of popcorn for my lunch. The plan was then to eat my soup when I got home at snack time and have a slightly later dinner. What actually happened was that I didn't get round to eating my soup as I was unexpectedly busy picking up Chester's School uniform and other errands. So come dinner time I was starving and I decided to have Lasagne as normally it is one of my favourite dinners. However, this Lasagne was disgusting. It tasted really plasticy and really did not look nice and white. I even got Craig to taste it incase I was being too harsh mid tantrum! But he agreed, it did not taste nice at all. So instead of doing the right thing and just cooking a different diet chef meal, I made myself a sandwich and sulked for the rest of the evening!

Its safe to say that Wednesday was a bad day for me!

However, despite my ups and downs the week has ended on a real high! I have gone from 74kg to 70kg! That is over 8lb loss in my first week!! I am really happy with that, and although I realise it will start to slow down now, it has really motivated me to stick with it! I even managed to get comfortably into a pair of shorts I have never been able to wear! So chuffed!

Keep your eyes peeled for my week 2 update next week!

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