Sunday, 16 June 2013

What a lovely weekend

I have had such a lovely time this weekend that I really do not want it to end!

Saturday was Craig's Birthday, he was working during the day so I arranged for his family and my parents to come around in the evening for a takeaway. Chester and Millie were very excited to give Craig his presents, especially as Chester had chosen ALL of them! Craig is a big kid at heart so I knew he would love the presents. Chester chose him one of those new slushy drink cups, a belt and buckle with the mario mushrooms on, an Iron Man t shirt, a game for the xbox and a transformers blu ray. I was right, Craig loved his presents. He was also thrilled to receive a baker days cake (which I will be blogging about separately so look out for that).

We had a lovely evening full of laughter and food! Chester and Millie really loved having all of their grandparents here and they really loved being allowed to stay up late! As usual they had everyone wrapped round their little fingers and almost certainly ate far too much cakes and treats!!

Today of course was Fathers Day, we had planned to have a bit of a lay in. With the children staying up extra late the night before we were certain that they would wake up later.

How foolish we were to even think that!! Chester was wide awake at his usual time of 5.45am!! Millie did not wake until almost 9am though so she made up for what her brother lost! We had just planned to have a bit of a chill out day. But after breakfast and the giving of fathers day gifts (chocolate, sweets and some avengers smellies) we all decided to have a stroll around a local boot fair. I will admit that I used to be a total bootfair snob but in recent years we have picked up some awesome finds at boot fairs and I have learned to love them. However, today it was not really full of treasures, more full of tat. Apart from the lovely brand new coasters I picked up to match our place mats. For the bargain price of 50p!

So after the unsuccessful trip to the boot fair we decided to go to a fairly local country park, Cobtree Manor. It is on the outskirts of Maidstone, just off of the M20 so very easy to get to. We visited last year and loved it, sadly until now, we never found time to go back.

On the way Craig spotted a Beefeater restaurant and we decided to stop for lunch. That turned out to be a mistake, we should've known when it wasn't busy that there was a reason. Craig's salad had a hair in it and from then the rest of the lunch all went a bit downhill!

So, back on track to the country park. We arrived and were pleasantly surprised to see that they had built loads of wooden play areas/equipment. around the picnic area and also dotted around the park! Chester and Millie could not contain their excitement! We spent lots of time flitting between all of the swings, slides, climbing bits and seesaws! We ended up being there a lot longer than we thought we would, it was a really lovely afternoon and we will most certainly be back lots more over the summer!

The weather had gradually improved throughout the day so by the time we got home the sun had certainly got its hat on! I decided to get the kids Madagascar tent out. It was the first time we had used it, I won it earlier this year and was waiting for the opportunity to get it set up. It is a proper tent so I am planning to keep it up for the summer for them. Chester and Millie were so excited that we actually ended up having a little tea party in the tent! It was so cute!

So that was our weekend, what did you get up too. I would love to know!

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