Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What a day!

Well I woke up this morning full of plans for today. We were to spend the day in the garden. It may not of been sunny but it was lovely and warm. Up until 1pm we were having loads of fun in the garden. Making Moon Sand and playing in the tent.

But then Chester decided that it was a good idea to stick a bead up his nose.

It was a bead from a kids bracelet that had broken the day before, I must of missed that one bead when sweeping up and sadly Chester found it. I tried to get him to blow it out but no luck. I had a look and I could see the bead but it was way too far back for me to try and get it back!

So off we headed to the local minor injuries unit. The first thing that I saw when walking up to reception was the white board with the wait time. 2 hours 30 mins. WHAT?!!! Well he needed the bead removed so what choice did I have?!

We sat down and I did my best (but failed miserably) to keep both children entertained. We were eventually called in exactly 2 hours 30 mins later. The nurse was really lovely, she admitted that she was dreading trying to get the bead out due to a past incident which caused her to be sick!! We had a little laugh and a joke about it and then she took a look. She was horrified when she saw how far back it was. She was wondering the best way to tackle it and wondered if Chester could dislodge it by blowing like we had done at home. She was very patient with him and eventually he blew. In fact he did such a good job he blew the bead out!!!

So we had sat in MIU for 2 hours 30 mins for Chester to blow his nose?! I was so annoyed I just laughed! The nurse was really sympathetic. She sat Chester back down and explained why it was not a good idea to put things in his nose (or his ears for that matter) she then took him off to choose a hospital bear for being such a good boy (she hadn't seen him in the waiting area) and gave one to a now sleeping Millie for having to be dragged along!

Not the best way to spend an afternoon, but I am thankful that Chester is ok.

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