Sunday, 16 June 2013

The changes have started to happen...

So the other day I wrote a post saying something has got to change. I thought that by actually writing it on my blog that I would stick to it.

I am pleased to say that I have stuck to it.... in my own way. I shall explain.

I have not got round to weighing myself, perhaps that is because I am not particularly bothered about my baby weight I know that will come off. Eventually. I may weigh myself I may not I still have not decided. But as you know my main reason for trying to watch what I eat was because I am fed up of eating rubbish and countless amounts of chocolate daily!

On Wednesday I went to the farm shop, like I said that I would, and got a lovely selection of fruit, veg and salad. I would say the bulk was fruit because we already have lots of frozen veg at home. I spent just over £10 on FOUR carrier bags full of lovely fresh food. I then stopped off at supermarket and picked up some healthier cereals (apparently sugar coated child like cereals are not good for you?!) and some crackers.

Wednesday evening I had already planned to meet friends for dinner so I stuck to that plan, but rather than having pizza I chose chicken, veg and potatoes. Very unlike me on a meal out! I did however have apple crumble for pudding!

The end of the week I did really well, I stuck to my plan and had fruit for snacks. Dinners were delicious, home cooked and healthy. Although Chester did grumble that I had replaced his veg with salad. Apparently at the age of 4 he doesn't do salad?!

I did hit a bit of a problem though, and I can see this being a problem for at least a week. It appears I have had some kind of sugar and junk come down as I felt truly awful from Thursday afternoon onwards. Really bad headache has stuck until this morning. I will keep at it though as I am certain it is going to be a good thing for me.

I will blog about the weekend in another post as it was Craigs Birthday AND Fathers Day so I did go off track a bit, with a takeaway and some crisps. I am fine with that because I know that tomorrow morning I will be back on track. I think going off track has made me realise that it is ok to have a treat, but not every day. Once a week is fine for a little treat. Once a month is fine for a takeaway.

I shall update about how I am getting on some more in a couple of weeks, typically we have a really busy June so there will be a couple more times that I will go off track. But I am feeling really positive about it all, I know I can stick at it. My next challenge is that I STILL need to work out what exercise I am going to do.

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