Thursday, 20 June 2013

Chester's swimming achievement.

Chester attends swimming lessons at the local pool every week. He has been going for a while and is learning new things every week. In the holidays I sometimes send him to a weeks intensive course because it is included in his membership. During the last half term he attended the intense course and they moved him into the big pool.

The reason they did this was so that he would push himself a bit further in order to get his 5 meters (he is only 4). Sadly the teacher that week was not his usual one and she was not too interested in helping him. However, he did come out of it with some new skills. He can now float in the mushroom position and can sink to the bottom of the pool and stay there! He also learnt a little bit on diving into the water.

So I was a bit annoyed when returning back to his normal lessons he was back in the teaching pool. I felt sorry for Chester because he thought that he would be able to stay in the big pool now.

However, it seems that his time in the big pool did help him, as today he achieved his 5 meters! His little face, when he realised he had finally got it was amazing!

Looking very tired after swimming lessons......

I congratulated him and told him I was very proud of him. His response to that was "thanks Mum, but now I am going to get my 6 meters"! Typical Chester, he is so competitive! I of course had to explain to him that there was no 6 meters and that his next badge would be 10 meters!

So proud of him!

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