Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Twinkl Review

I am always on the lookout for different activity ideas for Chester, ever since he discovered he is left handed he has been more interested in wanting to sit and practise writing or drawing. Recently we made a Dear Zoo story sack and ever since then I have wanted to make a Gingerbread Man one. Chester loves The Gingerbread man story and I know he would respond well to activities around that subject. 

So you can imagine how happy I was when I was asked to review the teaching resource website Twinkl. I had heard some great things about Twinkl, there are some childminders at a group I attend at a local Sure start centre and they all rave about it. I had not got round to having a proper look and this was my perfect excuse!

Now although Twinkl is a Primary resources website, I have actually found a lot of useful things on there for pre schoolers like Chester too. 

My first visit to the site I searched for Gingerbread Man, my one niggle would be that I actually find the search results page a bit of a faff. So in the end I found all of the Gingerbread Man resources I needed all in one area. I just clicked on Literacy and traditional tales. Then for around 10 minutes I got distracted by all the other fabulous ideas on that page!! 

A lot of the resources on Twinkl are free to download then you can print off as many copies as you need. So whether you are at home printing for one or two children or at School printing for 30 children it makes no difference. Some of the Twinkl resources are premium which means you can only download them if you have an annual membership. The fee for this is currently £29.99 per year. I think that if you are going to use Twinkl on a regular basis the fee is well worth it.  

We printed off some great things for our story sack including word mats, bingo, and playdoh mats. All themed around the Gingerbread Man. I will be laminating most of them so they can be reused again and again. 

I found lots of other helpful resources and I actually got so carried away with printing that I ran out of ink!! It was worth it though! Something that Chester has responded really well too is the pencil control sheets. They are pictures of objects such as houses, planets or even straight or wiggly lines and the child then traces over the lines to practice pencil control.

You can also purchase a few useful items on Twinkl, I purchased some sticker sheets. One set has got stickers with words such as clean plate award or lovely table manners. Chester loves stickers and he has responded so well to these. 

All in all I would say Twinkl is a great site for parents, carers, teachers basically anyone who wants some fun based learning ideas and tools. We have used it loads and I can see it being my go too when I am stuck for inspiration or if I want to expand on something we are already doing an activity on.

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