Friday, 31 May 2013

Room for improvement challenge.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from that grabbed my attention straight away. The email subject was 'How would you use £50 to transform a room'. £50 I thought, surely it can't be done?! Well I love a challenge so I replied back almost instantly and said Yes! I was then sent £50 to get on with the Challenge!

Something that I have been meaning to do for ages is our dining area, I have blogged about it before. We used to have a breakfast bar in there, but it was pretty much just used as a dumping ground so at the beginning of this year I decided to take the breakfast bar out. That left some awful marks on the wall and some of the plaster was ripped away. We live in a newish house (almost 7 years old) and I am learning lessons all the time on why we should of brought an older house. Anyway, so that was done a few months ago now and still we had not decided what to do with it. So this gave me the kick that I needed to get it sorted!

This is what our dining area looked like before....

Our dining area is at the end of our kitchen and our kitchen tiles look like this....

We wanted whatever we decided to do to match the colours/style of our dining room table as well as our plates and placemats! Our placemats look like this...

So with that in mind Craig and I headed to our local B&Q to take a look at paint colours. We spoke to a lovely member of staff who helped us out loads and saved us money. We decided to go for the colour Sky. We could of brought it as kitchen paint but that would've cost more money and as it was pointed out to us, we are not decorating the kitchen we are decorating the dining area. So we opted for normal matt paint (apparently silk paint shows imperfections in the walls, ours have loads). We browsed around a bit more and I found a lovely cupcake wall plaque with similar colourings to our table and the paint we had chosen. I was really chuffed to of found this, not only because it was in the sale but also because I am well known for my cupcake making. Perfect! We picked up some masking tape, a roller set and some paint brushes. That haul surprisingly only came to £38.42 so I still had around £12 left to play with!

When I got home I scoured pinterest for inspiration and came across some blackboard sticker ideas. As I had already brought the cupcake wall plaque I decided to look on ebay and see if I could find a cupcake shaped blackboard sticker. I was in luck and found one for £9.99 including delivery. So that left me with around £2. I carried on with the painting and put the £2 to the back of my mind until I popped into Dunelm Mill during the week to pick up something unrelated to this project and whilst I was looking around I spotted a really lovely canvas with a tea cup on it. It was in colours that matched everything we had done. I could not find a price label for it so took it to the till where I was told that it was in the sale at £3!! What a bargain! I had to buy it!

So my list of buys for improving our dining area are as follows:

  • 5L Paint (I didn't want to run out 3/4 way through) £21.98
  • Roller set £2.98
  • 5 pack of paint brushes £5.98
  • Masking tape £2.48
  • Cupcake wall plaque £7
  • Cupcake blackboard wall sticker/chalk £9.99
  • Cup of tea canvas £3
So in total for these 7 items I spent £53.41! Ok, so firstly I realised that I miscounted my budget after B&Q and was already over the £50 but only slightly, and secondly the canvas was such a bargain that I had to have it! 

Painting, the first of two coats...

Adding the finishing touches, making sure to leave a few days for paint to fully dry before placing on the walls...

Finally pictures of the finished room. We decided that Millie at 16 Months is now old enough to sit with us at the table so we got out the booster seat and promoted her to table seat! I think our dining area looks loads better and I am amazed that I managed to revamp it on such a small budget!....

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