Thursday, 2 May 2013

Preserving family memories

Recently was lucky enough to win a new Camera. I had been thinking for a little while that I was going to need to upgrade our Canon Ixis before we go to Disney in November as it would be really handy to have a small Camera for our days in the parks. We have a lovely Canon SLR and as much as it takes awesome pictures, size wise its not going to be practical for this trip with two young children to keep hold of as well! So anyway back to the point... I received an email telling me I had won a Canon Ixis 255 HS through a twitter competition I had entered! I was sooo pleased about it!

When the camera turned up I put my SD card in from my old camera and started playing. It was then that I realised just how many pictures I had that were not backed up to disc or saved anywhere! It got me thinking about how I could make sure those images were not forgotten about. There were some fab memories of fun times with the children. In the old days (god I sound old) the thing to do was to put your film into be developed and then spend hours putting the pictures in photo albums! Nowadays that is not really practical or cost effective, the amount of pictures I have it would cost me a fortune!! So then my thoughts turned to photo books and I remembered that my Dad, who is just a snap happy as me uses Jessops Photo to create photo books for all of his pictures! I took a look at there website and was amazed that the books started from £6! Looking into it a bit further I could see that realistically the size of book I would need prices start at £13 and can have upto 154 pages! Great value I thought!

I also got distracted and found loads of other photo gifts including a super cute sandwich box for only £8! My mind was working overdrive with gift ideas!!! In the end I settled with just a photo book for now, I have downloaded the software needed to my computer and have made a start on adding the photos I would like in the book. I can see, as a perfectionist, it is going to take me quite a while to get the photos just how I want them in the book. Which is why Jessops is such a fab site, you save your progress and then just carry on when you have time. No need to click order until you are completely ready whether it takes you one day or one month to create! I only have one certainty for my book at the moment, and that is that this will be the back cover picture.....

*Please note that this is a sponsored post, however all words, opinions and pictures are my own

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