Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bubble dough

Whilst having a read of some other lovely blogs the other week I came across a great post by Kat of Creative Playhouse about an alternative to mixing water with cornflour (which makes gloop).

Her idea is fab, it creates something she calls bubble dough. Its really easy to make, the texture is lovely. If you want to find out how to make it pop over to her post to find out.

We made ours with Apple scented washing up liquid and it was lovely, a really great sensory play activity. Millie loved it, she helped me mix it and then spent ages playing with it in her hands and pulling it apart. Ours was not quite as runny as Kat's, looking back we probably should've added more liquid but I suppose that is the beauty of these things they are cheap to make and you can always experiment to get the right consistency.

When Chester came home from nursery he was more than happy to play with the Bubble dough too. He used it more like a play dough and made some skylanders out of it!!

We had a fab afternoon playing with the Bubble dough, this is Millie's thoughts in pictures....

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