Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Aldi Baby & Toddler event

A little while ago Millie and I were lucky enough to be invited to a blogger event hosted by Aldi. I met up with Vikki from Love From Mummy on the train and we headed to the Soho hotel in London.

Whilst we were there we were shown lots of lovely products, given a lovely afternoon tea and even got to chat with the lovely Katie who is the main buyer for all the baby products for Aldi. Katie explained to us how the company test their Mamia baby range against other leading  brands. She is a mother herself and uses the Mamia range on her child. I found out that aside from their own Mamia range, they also stock brands such as Heinz and Tommee Tippee. We got the chance to give our opinion on all sorts of things, which was great because I think it is important for companies to listen to what parents have to say.

I shop at Aldi probably about once a month (more about that will follow in another post so look out for that) and something that is always at the top of my shopping list is Aldi Mamia nappies. Somebody recommended them to me when Millie was a couple of months old and I haven't looked back since! She is currently in size 4 nappies and we get 44 nappies for £4.49!! They have never leaked, they do not have a funny smell to them and Millie hardly ever has nappy rash. Following the event I have also started using the Mamia sensitive wipes and they are just as good, if not better as other brands I have been using.

On 30th May (this Thursday) Aldi have got a Baby & Toddler event, a lot of what they sell at the event are special buys which means when they are gone they are gone. Here are just a few of the items that will go on sale Thursday...

Baby Bodysuits 3 pack, £2.49 Available in Pink, Beige and Blue. These bodysuits are made of soft cotton with a convenient envelope neck, short sleeves and a cute baby bird motif. Millie has these and they wash really well and are a lovely fit.

Baby Fleece Blanket, £2.99 Perfect for warming, holding or comforting your baby, this fleece blanket is 70 x 90 cm and snuggly 100% polyester fleece. The label provides a guide on how warm to keep your baby. The blanket is available in four designs. Again Millie has one of these although she has now taken to using it as a blanket for her dollies cot! It is super soft and perfect for keeping her warm in the buggy or the car!

Baby Stroller, £18.99 At the unbelievable price of £18.99, this Baby Stroller can provide stylish transport for your child from the start.  Ideal for holidays or as a second buggy, this stroller is lightweight and easy-to-transport, folding down conveniently. With suspension on each wheel and swivel or static front wheels, these strollers are easy to control and the 5-point harness will keep baby safe and secure. Suitable for ages 6 months to 3 years.

Ear/Forehead Thermometer, £12.99 A health essential for the whole family, this Ear and Forehead Thermometer provides precise measuring of the body temperature through a display screen or voice output.  The thermometer also features an integrated light for night time use. Includes batteries and instruction manual. We were kindly given one of these to try at the Aldi Blogger event and it came in very handy when Millie had Chicken Pox a few weeks back! Although I found the instructions very confusing once I worked it all out it turned out to be a very good thermometer, it was especially good when Millie was really irritable because instead of annoying her further by poking it in her ear, I simply placed the thermometer on her forehead and got an accurate reading. What I also find really great is the fact that it reads the reading out loud! Sometimes when its the middle of the night your eyes are just not awake enough to read a temperature reading! Personally I think it is well worth the £12.99!

Tommee Tippee Feeding Bottles Twin Pack, £5.99 These feeding bottles provide a great starter kit for new-born babies, containing two 260ml bottles with teats suitable for newborns and upwards.  With the Tommee Tippee brand quality, this product is specifically designed to be used in support with breastfeeding, encouraging teat acceptance and limiting the flow of milk to the baby’s needs.

Those are just a handful of products available at the Aldi Baby & Toddler event, more products can be found on their website here. I know that top of my list will be the box of 84 nappies for £7.49, what a bargain! I have also seen that they will be selling some lovely puzzles and books so they will be on my list too! So many bargains to be had, one thing is for certain though... my trolley will be full!! 

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