Friday, 31 May 2013

Room for improvement challenge.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from that grabbed my attention straight away. The email subject was 'How would you use £50 to transform a room'. £50 I thought, surely it can't be done?! Well I love a challenge so I replied back almost instantly and said Yes! I was then sent £50 to get on with the Challenge!

Something that I have been meaning to do for ages is our dining area, I have blogged about it before. We used to have a breakfast bar in there, but it was pretty much just used as a dumping ground so at the beginning of this year I decided to take the breakfast bar out. That left some awful marks on the wall and some of the plaster was ripped away. We live in a newish house (almost 7 years old) and I am learning lessons all the time on why we should of brought an older house. Anyway, so that was done a few months ago now and still we had not decided what to do with it. So this gave me the kick that I needed to get it sorted!

This is what our dining area looked like before....

Our dining area is at the end of our kitchen and our kitchen tiles look like this....

We wanted whatever we decided to do to match the colours/style of our dining room table as well as our plates and placemats! Our placemats look like this...

So with that in mind Craig and I headed to our local B&Q to take a look at paint colours. We spoke to a lovely member of staff who helped us out loads and saved us money. We decided to go for the colour Sky. We could of brought it as kitchen paint but that would've cost more money and as it was pointed out to us, we are not decorating the kitchen we are decorating the dining area. So we opted for normal matt paint (apparently silk paint shows imperfections in the walls, ours have loads). We browsed around a bit more and I found a lovely cupcake wall plaque with similar colourings to our table and the paint we had chosen. I was really chuffed to of found this, not only because it was in the sale but also because I am well known for my cupcake making. Perfect! We picked up some masking tape, a roller set and some paint brushes. That haul surprisingly only came to £38.42 so I still had around £12 left to play with!

When I got home I scoured pinterest for inspiration and came across some blackboard sticker ideas. As I had already brought the cupcake wall plaque I decided to look on ebay and see if I could find a cupcake shaped blackboard sticker. I was in luck and found one for £9.99 including delivery. So that left me with around £2. I carried on with the painting and put the £2 to the back of my mind until I popped into Dunelm Mill during the week to pick up something unrelated to this project and whilst I was looking around I spotted a really lovely canvas with a tea cup on it. It was in colours that matched everything we had done. I could not find a price label for it so took it to the till where I was told that it was in the sale at £3!! What a bargain! I had to buy it!

So my list of buys for improving our dining area are as follows:

  • 5L Paint (I didn't want to run out 3/4 way through) £21.98
  • Roller set £2.98
  • 5 pack of paint brushes £5.98
  • Masking tape £2.48
  • Cupcake wall plaque £7
  • Cupcake blackboard wall sticker/chalk £9.99
  • Cup of tea canvas £3
So in total for these 7 items I spent £53.41! Ok, so firstly I realised that I miscounted my budget after B&Q and was already over the £50 but only slightly, and secondly the canvas was such a bargain that I had to have it! 

Painting, the first of two coats...

Adding the finishing touches, making sure to leave a few days for paint to fully dry before placing on the walls...

Finally pictures of the finished room. We decided that Millie at 16 Months is now old enough to sit with us at the table so we got out the booster seat and promoted her to table seat! I think our dining area looks loads better and I am amazed that I managed to revamp it on such a small budget!....

Thursday, 30 May 2013

15 Things I love

I saw this fab linky post over on ar-blog so decided to do my list and add it to the linky!

  1. My children  
     2. My Husband

     3. My Family

     4. Walt Disney World

     5. Chocolate

     6. Rare lie ins

     7. Messy Play with the children

     8. Baking/experimenting with recipes

     9. Satisfaction at the end of the day, that the children gone to bed happy with heads full of new memories

     10. Dinner dates with my girlfriends

     11. Duvet days snuggled up watching Disney movies

     12. Chinese food

     13. The fits of giggles that my 2 gorgeous children have when playing together

     14. Taking photos

     15. Family days out

Homemade play dough fun!

Its been a busy week here. Its half term so I am doing my best to keep Chester (and Millie) occupied! One of the things that have kept the children occupied is homemade play dough. They loved making their own, although Millie STILL does not understand play dough is not for eating! She clearly dislikes the taste, but carries on anyway!

Here is how we made it and what we got up to with it....

We mixed together 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of salt and about 1 and a half cups of cold water. I then split the mixture in half and mixed a quarter of a teaspoon of green food colouring paste into one of them and repeated the same but with pink food colouring paste for the other. Now the green was a great idea, I mixed it with a spoon and finished off with my hands. I washed my hands and all the colouring washed away. The pink however, has stained my hands. Badly. Plus it has actually turned out red! I did exactly the same so I can not work out why it would not come off of my hands?!

So it was easy to make, it took less than 5 minutes, both children were interested from start to finish!

I had been to the Dunelm Mill sale and noticed that they had a baking tray with around 20 cookie cutters on it for £2.49. The cutters were a mixture of animals and shapes so we have been using them for play dough play. Chester was very methodical with his and wanted to make, and line up, one of each plus some extra fish. I think I will be doing lots of sea based play with them at the moment because Chester is obsessed since his trip to the seaside at the weekend.

Millie however, was her typical bull in a china shop self and in between eating it she just pulled at it, pressed it and eventually pushed some cookie cutters into it. She had lots of fun though and it was good for her to play around with it and get used to the texture.

What I love most about the play dough play is that I can pack it all away on the tray (making sure the play dough is sealed in bags) and get it all back out again tomorrow!

Do you make your own play dough? What do your children love to create with playdough, I would love to know!

Messy Play

Nutella chocolate brownies!

Late yesterday evening whilst scrolling through facebook I noticed a picture that was circulating. Chocolate brownies with only three ingredients, Nutella, flour and eggs. Perfect easy baking for kids I thought. So this afternoon we gave them a go.....

250g Nutella
65g Self raising flour
2 eggs

Chester helped me mix the ingredients together whilst Millie licked the Nutella spoon!

Now this mix looked a little small to me so I then added the same amount of ingredients again. Looking back it would have easily made 18 squares of brownie.

We decided to add some white chocolate chips as we had some spare in the cupboard. I poured the mix into a deep baking tray lined with baking paper and baked on 180 for 30 minutes.

This is what they look like....

They are delicious, I would say that they are not as gooey as regular brownies but they are still very yummy and so easy for children to help bake! Let me know how you get on if you give them a go!

Link up your recipe of the week 

The Diary of a Frugal Family

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A perfect Bank Holiday weekend!

At risk of sounding a bit soppy, this weekend has been perfect. Saturday was a normal day for us because Craig was working. It had been a really bad week for me, I was tired and just needed a rest. I think everyone gets to a point where they need a break and Friday was my breaking point. So Saturday the children and I had a lovely day doing not a lot! We giggled and tickled and watched Disney movies!

Sunday we had arranged to go to the seaside with my parents. The children were up extra early because Chester was beside himself with excitement at the thought of going to Hastings with Nannie and Grandad! We got down to Hastings just before lunch time and were lucky enough to get one of the last available car park spaces. We had packed a little picnic, knowing that we would also be getting some chips for tea (got to be done at the seaside, right?) I didn't pack too much. We got out the blankets and sat on the beach. We were able to distract Millie with food for a very short time before she noticed the sea! She was desperate to get in, and as there was a little 'river' of sea water behind a wall of pebbles, we did allow the children to paddle. It was freezing cold so Chester was not too concerned about paddling he was more interested in throwing pebbles into the water and looking for interesting shaped pebbles! Millie however loved the water and did not care that it was freezing cold!

After a couple of hours we wandered along the streets, stopping by a cute little ship museum. Chester loved it because he could climb aboard a ship, look down and see a pirate fast asleep below deck! I later found out from my Dad that Chester had been having quite a detailed conversation with him about a certain pirate that was in pictures on the display!

It was inevitable that we would come to some amusements sooner or later and the childrens faces just lit up when they saw all of the flashing lights! We spent lots of time trying (and failing) to win a soft toy in grab machines and then moved on to the win tickets kind of machines! Chester and Grandad discovered a great frog one where you had to judge when to press a button to get your frog across the pond eating lots of bugs on the way! They got nearly 200 tickets, and we all know what that means... some very silly little party bag style toys! Chester chose to cash them in for 2 packs of Ben 10 cards a lollipop and a princess cloth for Millie.

We walked outside into a little funfair area, you had to buy tokens to go on the rides and actually we were very surprised at how cheap the rides were compared to other funfairs. It was 50p a token and most of the rides suitable for Chester and Millie took 2 tokens so only a pound per ride! Chester chose to go on the dodgems with Craig and he loved it! He couldn't stop laughing when they bumped into the other cars! We then put Chester and Millie in a little car ride. A basic around a circular track kind of ride. Chester loved it as did Millie at first. But halfway through she was not happy, thankfully she didn't try and get off! We let them burn off some energy on the bouncy castle, which they both loved.

Next stop was for the all important ice cream, it was infact Millies first ever ice cream cone and she loved it! Her little eyes just lit up as soon as she saw it, and the lovely lady at the kiosk was kind enough to make her a toddler sized ice cream so it was manageable for her to hold. She did get into a right mess with it though!

We then strolled through Old Town, I love it there, lots of different shops selling local or unique things. Plus at the end of Old Town is our favourite Fish and Chip shop, The Dolphin. We have been having chips from there every seaside trip since as long as I can remember. It is a fab chip shop and always has a que. We got our chips and headed back to the pebbled beach to eat them.

Last thing on the list for the day was to go to the rock pools to look for crabs. My Dad had researched the tides and worked out the best time to go to that part. He was spot on because we found lots of lovely things, sadly no (alive) crabs but we did spot a starfish! It totally made Chester's day, he could not believe it! He has named the starfish Codfish (I have no idea why) and apparently next time we go to that seaside we need to go and visit Codfish again. I of course, did not have the heart to tell him that Codfish would most probably not be there the next time.

We all went home exhausted but very happy, it was a real what memories are made of kind of day.

On Monday I decorated (more about that in a post later in the week so keep an eye out) and my in laws came over for a bbq. It was another really fab day, Chester and Millie had Grandad and Nannie running around the garden and getting involved with their games.

The best part of the day for me though was Crystal Palace winning the play off final and getting into the Premier league!!! Dad, Chester and I were really upset that we could not get tickets for the finals, they sold out before they even got to our stage of ticket allocations. I think the way it was worked out was really unfair. So I had to settle to watching updates on Sky Sports News (my Dad has Sky Sports so he was lucky enough to be able to watch it) because we do not have the sports package. It was really nerve wracking, I really really wanted them to win! Such a huge sense of relief came over me when they won! I have not stopped smiling since!

So like I said it was a really great weekend, full of laughter, smiles and silly moments. What did you get up to over the Bank Holiday weekend, I would love to know!

Aldi Baby & Toddler event

A little while ago Millie and I were lucky enough to be invited to a blogger event hosted by Aldi. I met up with Vikki from Love From Mummy on the train and we headed to the Soho hotel in London.

Whilst we were there we were shown lots of lovely products, given a lovely afternoon tea and even got to chat with the lovely Katie who is the main buyer for all the baby products for Aldi. Katie explained to us how the company test their Mamia baby range against other leading  brands. She is a mother herself and uses the Mamia range on her child. I found out that aside from their own Mamia range, they also stock brands such as Heinz and Tommee Tippee. We got the chance to give our opinion on all sorts of things, which was great because I think it is important for companies to listen to what parents have to say.

I shop at Aldi probably about once a month (more about that will follow in another post so look out for that) and something that is always at the top of my shopping list is Aldi Mamia nappies. Somebody recommended them to me when Millie was a couple of months old and I haven't looked back since! She is currently in size 4 nappies and we get 44 nappies for £4.49!! They have never leaked, they do not have a funny smell to them and Millie hardly ever has nappy rash. Following the event I have also started using the Mamia sensitive wipes and they are just as good, if not better as other brands I have been using.

On 30th May (this Thursday) Aldi have got a Baby & Toddler event, a lot of what they sell at the event are special buys which means when they are gone they are gone. Here are just a few of the items that will go on sale Thursday...

Baby Bodysuits 3 pack, £2.49 Available in Pink, Beige and Blue. These bodysuits are made of soft cotton with a convenient envelope neck, short sleeves and a cute baby bird motif. Millie has these and they wash really well and are a lovely fit.

Baby Fleece Blanket, £2.99 Perfect for warming, holding or comforting your baby, this fleece blanket is 70 x 90 cm and snuggly 100% polyester fleece. The label provides a guide on how warm to keep your baby. The blanket is available in four designs. Again Millie has one of these although she has now taken to using it as a blanket for her dollies cot! It is super soft and perfect for keeping her warm in the buggy or the car!

Baby Stroller, £18.99 At the unbelievable price of £18.99, this Baby Stroller can provide stylish transport for your child from the start.  Ideal for holidays or as a second buggy, this stroller is lightweight and easy-to-transport, folding down conveniently. With suspension on each wheel and swivel or static front wheels, these strollers are easy to control and the 5-point harness will keep baby safe and secure. Suitable for ages 6 months to 3 years.

Ear/Forehead Thermometer, £12.99 A health essential for the whole family, this Ear and Forehead Thermometer provides precise measuring of the body temperature through a display screen or voice output.  The thermometer also features an integrated light for night time use. Includes batteries and instruction manual. We were kindly given one of these to try at the Aldi Blogger event and it came in very handy when Millie had Chicken Pox a few weeks back! Although I found the instructions very confusing once I worked it all out it turned out to be a very good thermometer, it was especially good when Millie was really irritable because instead of annoying her further by poking it in her ear, I simply placed the thermometer on her forehead and got an accurate reading. What I also find really great is the fact that it reads the reading out loud! Sometimes when its the middle of the night your eyes are just not awake enough to read a temperature reading! Personally I think it is well worth the £12.99!

Tommee Tippee Feeding Bottles Twin Pack, £5.99 These feeding bottles provide a great starter kit for new-born babies, containing two 260ml bottles with teats suitable for newborns and upwards.  With the Tommee Tippee brand quality, this product is specifically designed to be used in support with breastfeeding, encouraging teat acceptance and limiting the flow of milk to the baby’s needs.

Those are just a handful of products available at the Aldi Baby & Toddler event, more products can be found on their website here. I know that top of my list will be the box of 84 nappies for £7.49, what a bargain! I have also seen that they will be selling some lovely puzzles and books so they will be on my list too! So many bargains to be had, one thing is for certain though... my trolley will be full!! 

Saturday, 25 May 2013


If you have been keeping an eye on my twitter feed you will see that I have been retweeting and commenting on the tweets from LolliBop who have been teasing us with snippets of the confirmed line up so far. The line up of course is for the popular childrens festival being held August 16th-18th at its new venue Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. If you have missed all the the tweets then not to worry, below you will find all of the latest line up information. I keep showing little bits to Chester who can hardly contain his excitement, Millie was just as excited, screaming with joy when she saw Poppy Cat on my Facebook feed! It looks set to be a fantastic weekend with appearances from some very well loved/known childrens entertainers and shows!

LolliBop, The Big Bash for Little People, is returning for 2013 to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, with an incredible line-up designed to delight mini festivalgoers.

Joining some of the hottest names in kids’ entertainment, as well as hundreds of activities, workshops and interactive demos, are the Mr. Men and Little Miss Village Green Event and Shaun the Sheep’s Championsheeps LIVE!

The ever-popular Mr. Men will be hosting a fun maypole activity area and favourite characters, such as Mr. Bump, Mr. Tickle and Little Miss Sunshine, will be meeting and greeting fans at the Mr. Men and Little Miss reading hubs.

Shaun the Sheep will be personally on hand at the Championsheeps with sheepy shenanigans, including Shirley’s Pie-athalon, the Naughty Pig’s Sack Race and Get Fit with the Flock. Kids and parents are ‘wool-come’ to get involved!

Other big names confirmed so far, include:

* LolliBop favourites Dick and Dom return with their special mix of madcap games, songs, jokes and a foam pie or two…

* Peppa Pig will be at the festival all weekend, meeting and greeting all her little fans

* Sid Sloane and Andy Day will be hosting their very own Big Birthday Bash and everyone is invited! Expect lots of energetic songs and silliness and plenty of audience participation

* Watch and learn how to ‘Copy Poppy’ with Poppy Cat on the Lolli Live stage

* Straight from Nickelodeon to the Lolli Live Stage, The Go! Go! Go! Show are bringing brand new pop songs, catchy, easy-to-learn dance moves and loads of laughs

* Sing and dance along with the adorable Cloudbabies mini show

* Older LolliBoppers will love The Diary of a Wimpy Kid activity, which include exclusive clips of the author Jeff Kinney talking about the books and a master class showing how he draws the characters. There’s also a Wimp Wars quiz

* Experience the life-size Transformer Optimus Prime Truck, along with the Transformers Station; showcasing the new Beast Hunters toys, viewings of the cartoon series Transformers Prime and free green screen pictures

* Witness the amazing wildlife showcase with National Geographic Kids Animal Man

* Laugh along with hilarious antics from the amazing 8ft Titan the Robot

Returning LolliBoppers will also see old favourites mixed with new attractions for 2013, including:

LolliBop Live – Popular CBeebies presenter Alex Winters is comparing the live stage which plays host to some of the biggest names in kids entertainment, with live music and performances from stars of stage and screen.

Lollipalladiam - is a live theatre tent showcasing performances from pioneering and internationally renowned companies and artists. This year it features Spooked, the critically acclaimed Broken Rose Performing Arts first show for children – a hilarious and spectacular blend of dance, theatre and spoken word featuring skeletons Molly, Jinny and Charlie.

Science Zone - Make a rocket, hold a dry ice cube, or get messy with gooey slime in the LolliBop lab - brimming with exploding experiments for pint sized guests to try! London’s Science Museum will also be attending with live demonstrations and interactive activities.

Run wild and have fun in the LolliSports area. With activities including retro favourites like swingball, hula-hoop and frisbee to football tournaments and sports day style races.

3ft and under is also making a comeback but this time is it within the brand new Itsy Bitsy Zone. Activities for babies and toddlers will include soft play, baby massage, storytelling, mini discos and much more

The Lolli Promenade – Situated on the River Lea! We’re very lucky to have a real river running through our new home, so why not relax and enjoy an ice lolly at the Lolli Promenade which also features beach hut crafts and bandstands.

Discovery Zone - will host a number of educational, interactive and hands on activities where kids can learn a new skill like beatboxing in one of the many workshops.

Lolli Stops – Enjoy crafts from puppet making, and customised fashion workshops, to balloon modelling, and graffiti painting, there is a something to make and do around every corner.

The Meadows - A perfect spot to chill out, enjoy your lunch and watch our special street performers.

There is also a wide selection of food and drink stalls at LolliBop. Extensive covered buggy parks, baby changing and breast-feeding areas are also available.

Keep an eye out for future blog posts as I will be keeping you all informed as soon as information is released to me. If you would like to find out more or purchase tickets then please visit

So then, hands up if you're going! We certainly will be!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Egg box craft.... gone slightly wrong!

We have been saving egg boxes for weeks, ever since watching Mr Maker Chester is obsessed with collecting anything that could be used in anyway for making something!! Whilst I admire his determination to source as many things as possible, it is now starting to make the craft draws in my kitchen look like a small storage station in a room specifically for crafts! So I decided that enough was enough and we would make a start with the egg boxes.

I google and pinterest searched egg box crafts and got lots of ideas. The one that Chester seemed to love the most was the many variations of an egg box caterpillar  so we decided to give it a go. Chester chose 6 different coloured paints whilst I cut out the egg boxes. I have discovered that I am pretty useless at this seeing as our egg boxes looked nothing like the beautiful ones I had seen on pinterest!!

The kids started to paint them anyhow...


As you can see Millie thought it was better to eat the paint then her caterpillar! It was hard to get Chester to paint without mixing colours, but he managed it and was very proud of himself!

Now in an ideal world the next part should of been easy. But no, not in Sammies world. Oh no. The egg boxes then needed to be stuck together with good old pva glue. Sadly the boxes were all irregular sizes/shapes so they did not quite fit so I had to modify them to make them stick together! By the time I had managed it Millie had fallen asleep and Chester had wandered into the living room to play Ben 10!!

 So as you can see they are a bit higgledy piggledy but I think that gives the caterpillar real character! We were also meant to stick on a face and some pipe cleaner legs but Chester had gone off of that idea by then! So we now have a faceless/legless caterpillar proudly on display in our kitchen!

Can someone please put me out of my misery and tell me where I am going wrong with cutting the egg boxes?!!

What do you do with old clothes?

A really good question, I think. Firstly, before I start, I will tell you that this is actually a sponsored post. Although the subject has really interested me so if you are someone who like me, has far too many clothes in their wardrobe then read on!

Millie's changes

Millie is now 16 months old and her character is really coming out. She is proving to be just as cheeky as her brother if not more so!

She is starting to really 'play' with Chester and is showing an interest in everything he is doing. Most of the time she can be found following him around. This is great for Chester too because he loves having someone to play with. He takes his responsibilities as a big brother very seriously and always involves her with play now. Their favourite game is to play tag, which can be a bit much at 8 0'clock in the morning! I am not sure that Millie quite understands the rules but she just loves copying her brother!

Best of friends!
Another change I have noticed in Millie over the last couple of weeks is her ability to understand instruction. I was actually amazed at this at first when I asked her to put her toys back in the box. But soon realised that she really was understanding what I was asking her to do! I have asked her to put her food back on her plate, which she did. I asked her to put the bowls back where they came from, she did. I then asked her to get a plate out for her and one out for Chester, again, she did. I have also asked her to go get her shoes or go get your wipes, or go find dolly. Basically everything I have asked her to do she has understood and done it correctly!

I am amazed! Its such a shame though that she does not understand, or maybe its that she doesn't want to listen to something I have to say to her daily, sometimes hourly. Millie, Stop pulling Chester's hair!! When I ask her to stop doing this she just giggles at me! I feel so sorry for Chester, I know he can be a bit rough and tough but he knows when to stop! Millie on the other hand just carries on! I have been trying the naughty step out with her, but again, she just giggles the whole time she is on it. Because we use the butterfly system with Chester I have been following this through with Millie too but of course she does not really understand the concept of being put to bed 10 minutes early!

Playing camp outs!
Millie has also been speaking a lot more, she still speaks her really cute baby babble and as a typical girl she speaks this babble most of her day! But she is now matching objects to sounds and words. For instance if I ask her what Ariel (The Little Mermaid) says she will sing 'Ah ah ah, ah ah ah' or if I ask her what noise a tiger makes she will say 'ragh'. However if I ask her what noise a snail makes she will also say 'ragh' so she is just associating that animals make a sound. Which I still think it pretty clever. She will say 'cat' if she sees a cat, she will also say dog, baby, cakey if she sees those things! She copies you if you say 'Ta' or 'please'. She has also told her favourite doll 'love you'. I am annoyed at myself for not remembering when Chester started to say all of these things, I am sure it is probably on my facebook somewhere so I will have to search back and see.

As most of you know Millie's favourite movie is Disney's Tangled and she can mimic the tune of most of the songs in that, saying some of the end words too! Chester has taught her to dance to some of the songs, and singing and dancing have become her favourite things to do!

So as you can see Millie has had quite a full on couple of weeks of learning! It seems to be that she is saying/doing something new everyday, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow and learn!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Playfoam review

We were recently sent some Playfoam to review, this is what we thought...

As soon as I knew we were to review Playfoam I was excited, I had read up about it and knew that Chester would think it was great!

We were sent the combo pack with 8 colours...

It was very bright and some were even glittery. Chester was very excited to get it out of the pack so we all sat down at the table whilst Millie was napping and got the Playfoam out.

It is advertised as being completely mess free, it does not stick to hands clothes or carpet. Plus it never dries out. I can say that after playing with it for a good couple of weeks that all of the above is correct. However it does stick to hair! Not a cool look! It is great that it does not dry out, nothing worse than having to throw something away because the kiddies have forgotten to put the airtight lid back on!

Chester has had a great deal of fun with the Play Foam. He has been able to use his imagination and mould some great creations. I will admit that I did freak out just a little bit when he mixed all of the colours together but I soon realised that he was having lots of fun so it was best to let him get on with it.

So overall Chester said he would give the Play foam 10/10. I on the other hand, would not. As much as I loved it for its non drying out and endless creativity ideas I disliked it for its fading and the fact I have got nowhere to store this big mass of foam!

By fading what I mean is, Chester has played with it lots. But probably just as much as any other 4 year old would, so not over played with. Yet all of the colours have started to fade. Some of the balls have even gone almost white. So before long he is just going to have a mass of white which I should imagine he will not be impressed with.

The RRP including VAT is £9.00, would I be happy to pay that price... I do not think I would. Chester really does love it so in spite of it flaws I think I would be happy to pay £5.

If you would like to try some Playfoam out for yourself then Learning Resources have currently got a giveaway over on their facebook page.