Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Two new books in the Poppy Cat series! Review.

Chester and Millie are STILL big Poppy Cat fans. Both the TV series and the books. I think what attracts them the most is the bright colours and bold simple pictures.

A few weeks ago we were sent Poppy Cat Birthday Treasure and Poppy Cat The Mystery Trail to review. When they arrived both children we very excited! What is really cute now is that Millie is recognising things more. So she has spent a lot of time since receiving the books pointing at Poppy Cat and saying 'WHOS THAT' all excitedly!

The books did not disappoint, as expected they were brightly coloured and had bold yet simple illustrations. Both books were all about adventure and imagination. As Chester has got a fantastic imagination I think that this really interests him. Another thing I like about the books is the use of adjectives that preschoolers would not necessarily use such as delicious, mysterious and wonderful, so it is increasing their vocabulary.

The illustrations are simple yet detailed. What I mean by that is there is enough picture information on each page for me to ask Chester, for instance, to tell me how many trees he can see or what animals he can see at Poppy Cat's party. I can also ask Millie to point to Poppy Cat or Alma and she would not have trouble finding them. In my opinion these books are perfect to fuel childrens imagination, we have read them at all times of days, not just at bedtime and Chester has gone on to create his own treasure hunt story in the front room! The books are priced at £5.99 each, to find out more information about these books and others in the range click here.

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