Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunshine, giggles and proud moments....

Today has been a really lovely day. I had planned nothing! We had a day where we did not even have to leave the house, wow what a miracle!

When we woke up I was so pleased to see the sun was shining, we didn't get up until just before 9am. Something that is a very rare luxury in this house! We then brushed our teeth and went down for breakfast in our PJ's! I made Eggs Benedict, my favourite breakfast and we then didn't get washed and dressed until 11am oops!! Was so nice to just chill out though!

We then spent the rest of the day in the garden, Millie is really loving exploring the garden at the moment. Last year all she could do was sit on the blanket and watch, but now she can walk around, climb and explore! Chester loves to show her what to do, so we all spent a lot of time playing catch and football. Lots of laughs and running around, even when Chester managed to throw the ball at Millie's head she just shook her head and giggled!


Later in the day Chester had decided to put on his Mr Incredible outfit even though it was really hot! He was busy saving the world though so the heat didn't phase him! His next trick was to climb his playhouse, which I was not impressed about especially as he broke the window as he climbed. But when asked why he thought it would be a good idea to do such a silly thing his reply was 'well Flyn Ryder does it Mummy so why can't I?' Now for those of you who are not aware Flyn Ryder is a character from Disney's Tangled, he climbs on the roof of a house when he is trying not to get caught! Cheeky Chester has an answer for everything at the moment, I then spent a good half an hour trying to explain why it was wrong to do that!

What happened next put a tear in my eye and made me such a proud Mummy. I was hanging out some washing, Chester and Millie were sitting on the trampoline. I could hear Chester chatting away to Millie about anything and everything, Millie responded with a few baby talk babbles. But what he said next was just awesome... 'I love you so much Millie, and I will always look after you' I turned round to look at them and he had his arm around her. I was standing there for ages, it was just such a lovely moment. I am so proud of Chester, he is such a boisterous boy but when it comes to Millie he is the most caring and kindest little boy I know.

The day finished with a trip to the park so effectively I broke my own rule for today by leaving the house, but we did only have to walk 2 minutes round the road to get to the park and it did wear the kiddies out ready for bed!

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