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Boots feel good radio

Boots and Mumsnet have started  a series of weekly radio shows broadcast on Sunday evenings on Real Radio and Smooth Radio. The show is hosted by Kate Thornton and each week features experts on particular topics. Broadcast times: on Real Radio from 7-8pm and Smooth Radio from 8-9pm. Called Boots feel good radio the idea is the radio show experts give there advice on various health topics and on the forums people ask questions and give suggestions and tips! It seems to be going down really well, with lots of activity on the forum.

I have been busy listening to a couple of the shows, they were very useful, this is what I found out...

Anti Ageing show:

The Anti ageing show was hosted by Kate Thornton, with expert advice from Dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe and Psychologist Emmy Kenny. Lots of feel good music was played inbetween the questions which was fab!

The first question was from a 27 year old who had noticed fine lines around the sides of her eyes when she smiled.
Nick said "Mild smile lines are good and show you have a positive attitude! Smile lines can get worse with sun exposure so protect your skin with UVA absorbing day cream which has a SPF 15 (that is all you need for this country). Wear protective sunglasses and you could also try Boots lift and luminate eye cream."
Emma said "Smiling is integral for well being"

One of the other questions was one that was close to my heart because I am useless at caring for my skin and if I am honest it is mainly because I am confused about all the products that we are told to buy!!!
So the question was "I often get confused by all the products on the market, do I really need a toner, cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliator, serum, balm, gel etc!? Is there not a product that does everything, a kind of one stop shop?!"
Nick replied with " Simplify everything, go into a boots store where they have some great skincare advisors who will be able to help you find out what your skin type is in a non-biased fashion. Then keep it simple, aside from your cleanser you need no more than two products in the morning and two in the evening. One can be a serum that you put on first and the other a protecting day cream. If you have dry skin be sure to use a cream cleanser so that it doesn't dry the skin more. Do not use soaps or detergents".
Kate then asked the question that was on everyones mind! What is Serum?! Nick said "Serum is a thin solution that feels smooth and dry's quickly. That is the key, it drys quickly and spreads easily but it importantly delivers some really good ingredients to the skin". He also pointed out that the skin is much better repaired and moisturised at night than it is in the morning.

Something else that was brought up was the importance of sunglasses. It is important to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days as 30-40% of rays will still penetrate on a cloudy day. Make sure your sunglasses are UV protected. This was a real eye opened for me because I certainly do not wear sunglasses unless the sun is really glaring down on me! This will now change!

The next show was aired last night and was all about skin conditions hair care. This one was the one I was really looking forward to listening too. My hair is awfully thin. It hasn't always been like it, it used to be lovely thick and annoyingly curly. But for about ten years now it has been getting thinner and thinner. Others in my family have thin hair too but sadly it is only mine that everyone else notices. Its awful for my self esteem and I really do hate my hair.

So the experts on the show yesterday were Trevor Sorbie who has been a hairdresser for 47 years!! and Dr Sam Bunting who is a Dermatologist.

One of the questions asked was all about the problem I suffer with. What can really be done about thinning hair and how common is female hair loss? To answer this they had Suzanne who is a Boots hair care specialist, she said " Female hair loss is very common, especially after pregnancy, a lot of women seem to notice a change in their hair. Boosting your nutrition with a hair suppliment which you take daily is actually proven to help healthy hair growth. You can have a pharmacy conversation about it to help you find the right product for you.

This was really helpful to me so I am definitely going to go in to my local boots and speak to the pharmacist.

Trevor Sorbie answered some questions about hair too, a top tip from him to add volume to your hair is to blow dry it upside down so you are going against the root.

He also explained another way to make hair appear less lanky was to use a very lightweight mouse or a lightweight volumising lotion  and blow dry it into your hair. You could also use a really small amount of serum to stop your hair being so flyaway.

Dr Sam Bunting had a question on the appearance of your face after having children (especially ones who do not sleep!) She advised the best product to help reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes was a light reflecting concealer such as No 7 Youth Reflecting Eye Serum. With a gentle form of Vitamin A it will really help that delicate area.

So there you go, I really feel like I have taken a lot from listening to these shows. Especially when it comes to the advice given on hair.

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