Monday, 4 March 2013

Skylanders Half term homework for parents!!

Last week we were kindly sent a lovely Skylanders book bag, it was filled with a homework diary, stickers, a reward chart, character cards and some colouring pencils.

Chester, being one of the worlds biggest Skylanders fan was super excited about this! When I read into the pack a bit more I realised the homework diary and stickers were for me! Chester was going to play teacher and I was going to be rewarded with stickers if I got the answers correct! I often catch Chester chatting to random kids about Skylanders, and more often than not he out talks those kids even if some of them are double his age! So he really knows his stuff and I was confident he was the boy to be teaching me all about Skylanders!

Chester is way ahead of the game at the moment as is already super excited about the Skylanders Swap Force that will be coming out Autumn this year. But he still loves his spyros adventure and Giants game/characters. By doing this homework book with me, I have actually manage to rein in his constant talk of Swap Force and his saying of 'Now my diaper is filled with evil' see this official Swap Force video to understand what he means....

So, Monday's Skylanders lesson was History. I spent the day reading the blurb about how Skylanders came about and also had Chester showing me on the Skylanders Spyro's adventure and Skylanders Giants games. I learnt that Spyro is the first and best champion and caretaker of Skylands. Skylands is a group of flying islands which came about by some dragons (including Spyro) taking on an evil and powerful Hyragon, the encounter was so violent that the world shattered and formed close knit groups of flying islands! I then learnt that Hydragon is an evil portal master, elemental sorces were used to create the world and the very first Skylanders were giants! Chester was very impressed with what I had learnt so gave me 5 stickers! YAY ME!!

Tuesday's lesson was Science! So naturally I learnt all about elements! I was taught that there are 8 Elemental sorces: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, Undead, Magic, Tech. Each Skylanders character wields one primary element, Water Skylanders have the ability to swim, and Fire Skylanders can walk though lave unharmed!! Even though I answered all questions correctly on Tuesday Chester was feeling mean (maybe I misbehaved?!) so only gave me 4 stickers!

Wednesday was all about Toy Types, I am ashamed to say I scored no stickers as I am not very knowledgeable on the characters! However Daddy to the rescue.... he seemed to know most of the answers! What we learnt was that there are 16 new fiigures available in Skylanders Giants, LightCore Skylanders light up in the game AND in real life! Best of all no batteries are required! The Giants are more than twice the size of regular Skylanders. Series 2 Skylanders have a special feature called WowPow which is a special upgrade power!

Thursday was a day learning all about the game characters. So Chester decided the best way to learn about them all was to play Skylanders Giants (any excuse!!). I have to admit though that it was really good fun and by the end of it I even had some favourites! My Favourite Giant is Thumpback! He is slow but seems to have great strength! Drobot is my favourite of the regular Skylanders, when fully upgraded he gets rid of the baddies really quickly! Because I was not as good as Chester playing the game he rewarded me with just one sticker, the cheek of it!!

Friday came round way too quickly, but we were treated with an art lesson, we had to colour in Cynder and then design our own Skylander Giant! So basically we spent all day with the arts and crafts trays out!

So all in all we had a great week! I learnt loads about Skylanders and Chester got to do what he loves doing the  most..... talking/playing/dreaming about Skylanders!

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