Friday, 1 March 2013

Ruby, Blue and Blanket book review

Ruby, Blue and Blanket, published by Scribblers, is a brand new picture book from the much loved author and illustrator, Jane Hissey who is best known for her Old Bear series. I remember the Old Bear series well from Childhood so was very keen to read Ruby, Blue and Blanket to see if it lived up to the brilliant stories I remember about Old Bear!

I can tell you that I was not disappointed! Ruby, Blue and Blanket has quickly become a firm bedtime favourite with both Children!

The story is about 3 soft toys, Ruby, Blue and blanket. They want to play a game of dressing up and award a prize to the funniest one. But Ruby just can not decide what she wants to be. I will not give the story away as I think that would spoil it, but I will say that there are a lot of outfit changes and in the end they all work together to find a solution!

The illustration in the book is just amazing, using coloured pencils really makes the book stand out from any other modern books on Chester and Millie's book case! The book is so visually appealing to both of my Children. Chester is always pointing out different details he notices, one of his favourite things to do at the moment is count all of the little green alien men on the moon on the astronaut page!

Since receiving Ruby, Blue and Blanket to review we have read the story at least once a day! It certainly gets read every night before bed. I love the fact that it is very easy to read with its rhyming text. Chester has now got to the point where he remembers most of the text, but even if he does not know it word for word the illustrations help him tell the story. Which is often what I find him doing -  reading the story to Millie or his beloved Skylanders!

I would thoroughly recommend this book, Chester is 4 and Millie is 13 months. Both really enjoy the book and I can see it being a firm favourite for a long time yet. The book is available through Amazon here, we have the hardback version but it is also available as a paperback.

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