Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Little Tiger Kids picture books review

Its unsurprising really that Millie is already a fan of books. I have read to Chester and Millie since they were in my tummy.

I was contacted a little while ago asking if I would like to review some books for age 1 upwards by Little Tiger Kids. I of course jumped at the chance. We were sent 3 books 100 First Animals, First Colours, Count 123. I  will talk about each one separately, as I think they all have different special qualities.

100 First Animals:
Millie responds very well to bright colours and big, bold pictures. So straight away just from the cover of this board book Millie was interested. As we looked though the pages I noticed what really sets this book apart from others of this type. The descriptions of the animal in the picture are more detailed. What I mean by that is the picture of the 2 little birds on page one does not carry the description "bird" instead it says "budgerigars". Just some of the other descriptions: Wildebeest, Orca, tree boa, toucan.

There is a real mix of animals, including the recognisable ones such as: Tiger, duck, butterfly, cat. I loved the fact that the book was describing the animals as best as they could, what I would usually point out as owl was quite rightly described as snowy owl! Whilst Millie at 14 months is a little too young to say most of these words she was quite happy to point to the correct picture once she had learnt some of the names. Whilst 'reading' the book Millie has also learnt to say cat and she now roars when seeing a lion or a tiger. I am still deciding if it was coincidence that she said Ostrich as she has only said it once!!

Chester is 4 and he has also responded well to this book, proving you are never to old for a picture book! What kept him interested was that the animals were different to what he had seen in other books. He asked questions about the animals, and I was then able to ask him open questions about them too. Such as how many horns do you think an antelope has, or what animal do you think a musk ox looks like.

So 100 first Animals got a big thumbs up from us!

First Colours:
This book is a lift flap book and seeing as Millie's favourite game at the moment is peek a boo I was really looking forward to reading this with her! This again is a board book with very bright colours. It has got one colour and one large lift flap per page. Making it easy for little ones to lift the flaps themselves. Millie worked out pretty quickly what she needed to do. Once the flap is opened it reveals the word of the colour on one side (as well as the shadows of other objects of that colour) then on the other side it has got some objects matching the colour. So for what colour is the Strawberry the inside of the flap has got a lady bird, red wellies, red paint, red car and red sunglasses. Every flap has different objects, so not only are you pointing out colours you are also pointing out different objects. This book did interest Millie because of the flaps, however, I feel she will get more out of it when she is around the age of two.

Count 123:
Another bright and colourful book! This one is a touch and trace book, and its the first time I have seen a book like it! Basically each number on the page is indented to fit a toddler size fingertip! So that your child can trace the number! Now I was overjoyed when I saw this, not for Millie (although it is fab for her) but actually for Chester. He still has not decided what hand he writes with, so sometimes gets frustrated with trying to write on paper. The health visitor and his Nursery have advised me to get him to use his hands more, for example rather than writing his name on paper, encourage him to use play dough to make the letters of his name. Apparently this develops his fine motor skills and will in turn strengthen his fingers and help him choose which hand he feels more comfortable writing with. So using his fingers to trace the number has been a really good for him, he has responded really well to feeling the flow of the numbers, so I am now going to invest in the touch and trace ABC for him!

Lets not forget that this book was aimed for 1 year plus, so how did Millie get on? She loved the sensory touch aspect of this book, she too loved to trace the numbers. Her favourite part though was at the back of the book, where there were  little dots in vertical lines to count numbers. The numbers go upto 20 and Millie loved me counting while she put her little finger tips into the holes! She more often than not ends up in fits of giggles before then end, strange child!

The only downside to this particular book is that it has small flaps to lift, sadly Millie has managed to rip 2 of these flaps as they were just too small for her to grasp properly so in frustration she managed to slightly rip them. Which I was very sad about.

6 books in this range have just been released and can be found here, then a further 6 are set to be released in May. Both of my Children responded well to these books, Millie's favourite is the 100 first animals and Chester is very proud of himself for being able to trace and correctly identify all of the numbers in the Count 123 book.

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