Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The MAD Blog Awards!

Wow I just can not believe it! Someone/some people have only gone and nominated me for not one but TWO categories in the MAD Blog Awards!!
MAD Blog Awards

For those of you who do not know about the MAD Blog Awards, I will try to explain as best I can. MAD stand for Mum and Dad, so the MAD Blog Awards are specifically to celebrate parent bloggers. It is in its 4th year now and is always very popular. This year there are 15 award categories, you can nominate in as many or as few as you like. Then once nominations have closed, nominations will be counted, the four eligible blogs in each category with the most nominations will automatically progress to the award finals. One other finalist will be chosen by the judging panel per category, meaning that less well know blogs still have an opportunity to reach the finals.

Then MAD Blog Awards will provide links to all the blogs that have made it to the awards finals and voting will open, you will then be able to vote for one finalist per category. Again, you can choose to vote in as many or as few categories as you link. The only exception to this is the Blog of the Year category, where the winner is chosen by the judging panel.

I am thrilled to bits to have been nominated in two categories, when I started blogging almost a year ago I never even imagined my blog would be worthy of an award nomination let alone two!! I am so very proud of my blog and how far it has come on in a year. I am extremely grateful to all of my loyal readers that take the time to read about our family life. I am really enjoying blogging and I love reading back over my posts and remembering all of the things we have been up to and remembering all of the kiddies milestones!

I have been nominated in Best Family Life and Best Family Fun I am so overwhelmed and pleased, especially as the nominations have been in those categories as that is what I try to make my blog all about. I would be really chuffed if I got more votes in those categories (or in any category you feel fits my blog the best).

So if you feel me and my blog deserve a nomination then please click here and vote for me!! Its a really easy form to fill in and will take no time at all, what will take the time is choosing who else to nominate, there are some fab blogs out there at the moment, I really struggled to choose who I was nominating! The nominations stage closes on February 18th 2013 so you have a little time to mull over who your nominations go to!

Good luck to all that have been nominated


  1. Just discovered your great blog and have popped over from mine to join :) good luck with the MADS xx

  2. Thank you Julia, Good Luck to you too. I just clicked onto your site and first thing I see is all about a slow cooker (my oven is awaiting a new part and I was asking for slow cooker recipes yesterday!!) x