Thursday, 14 February 2013

Our fun baking & crafts Valentines day!

Millie made some lovely Valentines cards and a salt dough heart during this week. Whilst Chester has been at Nursery School (doing no Valentines stuff) Millie has been at the local Sure Start Centre's having lots of fun getting messy!! This is what she made....

She also made a Purple and red card with lots more glitter!

So Chester and I have been planning for a few days now, what Valentines Day things we were going to make today. After lots of discussion we decided to make, heart bread, pink cupcakes and heart shaped oat cookies. We then got carried away and did some painting too!

We have had lots of giggles and fun today,its been lovely because Chester has loved showing Millie what to do and telling her all about Valentines day. Millie loved stiring the cake mixture and eating some paint!! Although I pretty sure she will love eating the cakes more! Both of the kiddies now can not wait for Daddy to get home so he can see what they have been busy making for him!!

So here is our day in Pictures....

So there you have it, that was our Valentines day 2013! I am working this evening so apart from the themed crafts with the kiddies it was just a normal day for me. No treats or nice dinner!! 

Hope everyone else has had a lovely Valentines day with lots of lovely surprises! 

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