Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Opinions on a colour please!

So we have finally chosen a colour for our Hall, stairs and landing. Cardomom. It only took us 2 months haha.

But now I already have my mind on a different project, The kitchen/dining room! A couple of Sundays ago we set about tidying and rearranging the dining end of our Kitchen. We foolishly thought it would take us a couple of hours, in reality it took us NINE!!!

We took down the breakfast bar we had put in about 5 years ago, during those 5 years it has been used for breakfast about 2 times! The rest of the time it has been a dumping ground for anything and everything! I then sorted (again) and moved the craft unit to the other end and this created a proper space for our table. Our table was good for two of us, but as a permanent table for four of us it just wasn't practical. So that evening I set about looking for a new table. I didn't have a big budget so looked on some local facebay groups. It must of been fate because within minutes of me logging on someone posted a really lovely solid wooden table and chairs set. A day went by, I went to look at it as the lady had told me it needed some restoration work doing to it. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was in fact only the Chairs that needed a bit of paint and varnish. Although in all honesty they are hardly worn at all and the small amount of marks on them make them look a bit Shabby Chic!

So now the table is in and looks lovely we need to decorate the dining area part of the kitchen. There are holes that need to be filled from where the breakfast bar was fitted but that is no problem.

Here are a couple of pictures of our strange angled Kitchen/Dining room

What I would love is suggestions as to what colour we should paint the dining end to make it separate from the kitchen end. When we moved in it was a new build and they were supposed to carpet the dining end but that never happened. Which i am glad about because its easier to clear food from a vinolay floor!! But at the same time it just makes it look like we have a long, strange angled kitchen!

So should we just paint a feature wall, the one that the table is against. Or should we paint the whole of that end differently? All the walls are magnolia in there at the moment, with the kitchen tiles cream and sea blue. I would really like a light colour that will go with the table. You cant see it in the pictures but the wall opposite the table has a book case which is similar colour to the table, plus a small radiator. Then the back door is on the back wall. Does anyone have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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