Monday, 25 February 2013

Half term fun!

WOW!! The last week has gone by so quickly! So quickly in fact that this is the first chance I have had to get on the laptop and blog!

Not only did Chester have the week off, I also had a week off work. Even though I only work evenings it was nice not to have to worry about what time we needed to be home by, and even nicer to no have to go to bed at almost midnight!!

So, what did we get up to all week? Well we started our half term week on the Saturday as Daddy was off too.
First of all I took Chester on a little bike ride, whilst Millie slept....

Then we decided it would be nice to have a family meal out so we went to a restaurant in Maidstone called Buddha Belly. It was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad that we took her advice and went! It is one of those all you can eat buffet restaurants, but there is a difference. The cuisine is Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican and on the Chinese, Indian and Italian sections you can watch them cook your requested food fresh. Chester was amazed to watch them make a Naan bread for him! They had the usual things you would expect at a buffet restaurant but the cook while you wait food made a real difference to the experience. I loved the stir fry because I chose my noodles and veg before handing my plate to the chef and asking him to cook it with chicken and sweet and sour sauce. There were so many combinations and I didnt have to worry that there would be something in there that I wouldn't like!

With our belly's full we decided a little window shopping was in order to walk off some of the calories we had just gained! We decided to get Chester's hair cut in the barbers, he was not a fan as normally his Auntie Sarah cuts it for him!

Sunday, I am going to leave for another post, because I would love your opinions on something!

Monday, we made use of Cineworld's half term movies for Juniors. It was £1 per person or 90p if you sign up and book online. We decided to take Nannie and Grandad Pete with us, so for 5 of us it cost £4.50! We decided to see Rise of the Guardians, Millie slept most of the way through it but the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed it! Movies for Juniors are usually on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings, we try to take Chester (and sometimes Millie) as often as we can as it is such good value. The films shown are normally ones that have been on the cinema less than 6 months ago.

Tuesday was a very long day for Chester and Millie, I am so proud of how good they both were! We met up with a friend and her two boys at Bluewater shopping centre, as Early Learning Centre had advertised on their facebook page that they would be having lots of drawing activities going on. Sadly the drawing activities were a bit of a let down, but the boys and Millie still managed to have a good time. We then had some lunch and I had intended to pop into a couple of shops before heading home. However, I stupidly thought it would be a good idea to sort out my mobile phone contract whilst there so we actually ended up being at the shopping centre for just over 8 hours!!

After the exhausting Tuesday, Wednesday was a lovely day of rest! We pretty much stayed in our PJ's for the day!

Thursday we headed over to my Parents house, I was going out for Dinner with some friends in the evening and Chester and Millie were very excited to be spending time with Nannie Lala and Grandgrad Guy. We stayed at my parents on Thursday night, because on Friday Mum and I went to The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden for a lovely relaxing afternoon! We did a bit of relaxing but I have to admit that we spent lots of time trying to get on that famous swing in the pool! It was a little dangerous (I am pretty sure there are some health and safety issues!) but it was so much fun! We finished off the day by heading round to China Town for a yummy Chinese meal.

On Saturday I had a bit of a sulk as I knew it was my last day off! So it was a bit of a rest day!

Sunday morning I helped Chester make some bouncy balls, will a pack I got from the early learning centre. Chester loved making these so I am currently on the hunt for the pva crystal refills! It was then off to work for me, but while I was out Craig, Chester and Millie were busy making homemade Pizzas! They were so yummy that I have asked Chester to make them again another day!

So that was our half term, there was so much more on my list of things to do but sadly the time just went too quickly! How was your half term? Hope you had lots of fun!

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