Monday, 11 February 2013

Easy home made snow globe

Today, after weeks of Chester waiting for the honey jar to become empty (yes, I know I had visions of the 90's Fairy Liquid advert too) we were finally able to make a snow globe!

Chester has been asking for weeks if we can make a snow globe, I think he originally got the idea from a magazine. His interpritation of what he saw was to get a jar of water, and chuck some glitter and a Moshi Monster into it! Done! So I helped him to refine his idea, and this is what we did......

First we gathered a Jar, a bottle lid, some glitter and a Moshi Monster. The Jar works best if you use one with a slim lid such as a honey or jam jar. Also you can use any character, it doesn't have to be a Moshi Monster. For Millie I would use a small Minnie Mouse figurine. We made sure the Jar was clean and dry.

I then used super glue to stick the bottle lid onto the inside of the jar lid. Once that had dried I stuck the Moshi Monster onto the bottle lid. We then waited (a long) 3 hours to make sure the glue was completely dry.

Then we filled the jar up to 3 cm bellow the top with water. Chester was then allowed to add some glitter, he loved this part! We used 4 different coloured glitters as this is what Chester asked to do, we also used different sized flake glitter as I think the chunkier flake glitter works best.

I then sealed the lid with super glue and left for an hour or so for it to dry.
Then came the fun part! The first time you shake your globe you will have to shake it pretty hard or the glitter will stick to the figurine. The shaking of the globe was by far Chester's favorite part! He has since shock his globe more times than I care to count!

It cost hardly anything and was a really fun activity to do.

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