Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Where has the last year gone?!

On this day last year I was in a lot of pain, but being stubborn I refused to believe that it was signs that Millie was trying to make her way into the world. It was a Sunday afternoon I was busy watching the Darts, the one thing I look forward to the most every January. Its only on for a week, I couldn't miss it! But by the end of the afternoon I was in so much pain I could not even stand up! So I finally gave in and called my parents to come over and look after Chester so that Craig could drive me half an hour to the local hospital.

When I said see you later to them I genuinely thought I would get there they would say everything is fine and send me home. Looking back at it now I can not see why I thought that! Must of been the hormones! Because it was a Sunday they were lacking of staff at the hospital, clearly they do not expect people to have babies on a Sunday, how inconsiderate of me!! So after my initial assessment and the midwifes undecided with what to do with me, I sat in the waiting room on an extremely hard chair for around 4 hours before they could get a consultant to look at me. The consultant knew straight away that something was not right, she took me into a room with about 6 other women and hooked me up to a monitor. Less than an hour later the monitor stopped, the emergency button was pushed (by the nurse) and I was being pushed down to theatre.

Within the next 30 minutes (the longest 30 minutes of my life) Millie was out of my tummy. She didn't cry at first but thankfully she was fine. I however, was not fine. What the hell had just happened?! A few hours ago I was at home watching tv and now, the middle of the night, I am on an operating table with my baby laying on me?! I had a C section with Chester, but it was planned. Everything went smoothly and to plan. For those of you who don't know me, I am a planner, I make lists and plan things meticulously. With Millie she certainly wanted her entrance to be a little bit more dramatic! It also didn't take long for me to realise that because of the massively long wait I had for the consultant Millie was born in the early hours meaning that her Birthday was an odd numbered day. I do not do odd numbers! But joking aside, why should I of had to wait that long, when clearly something was not right, Millie's heartbeat (in my tummy) was up and down as soon as I was put on that monitor so surely I should of been monitored long before the consultant saw me?! Putting my babies health at risk should not of happened, and actually I think that, more than anything is why I can not get over the shock of Millie's birth.   

But fast forward 12 months and she is a lovely, healthy smiley baby! I can not believe how quickly this last year has gone! I have tried my best to savor every moment of her first year as I am very aware from experience how quickly it passes by! Both Craig and I (and Chester) are extremely proud of our little Millie Grace. She amazes us everyday, from her first smile, to her first roll over, then her cute little slug crawl which eventually developed into a proper crawl! More recently she has made us all smile with her constant pointing and asking of  'whats that?!' In a high pitched voice!! She got lots of toys for Christmas and it amazes me how much she "plays" with them already! She can sit with us for hours and play picnics or pretend to powder puff her face with her vanity unit. I am sure she will continue to amaze me (as will Chester) for many more years to come.

Yesterday she had a little get together with some of her baby friends, most of which she has met at one of the many baby groups we go too. We went to a local soft play area, it was a fab afternoon and the perfect way for sociable Millie to celebrate her birthday!

So, Happy 1st Birthday to our Gorgeous Millie Grace, here are a few photos of her first year......

Moments old

First cuddle with Big Brother Chester

Chester teaching Millie some playmat facts!

3 Months old, already changed so much!

Christening day!
First tastes of food!

Sitting by herself!

Picnic in the park

Finally crawling!

Not a fan of meeting the one we call Father Christmas!

Cooking making with Chester!

A year on and look how much she has grown! All ready for her Party!!

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  1. Such a cute little girl!. I was a little worried reading the first few paragraphs of the post until I was relieved when you said that your little girl, Millie, was fine. I couldn't believe that you had to wait for hours before being checked by a consultant. You have every right to not be able to get over the shock of that day. I'm just glad your little princess is healthy. She looks like an angel in the photos.
    As a children's book author myself I recommend that you start reading her some books at bedtime.

    Jeff Rivera
    Bestselling Author