Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Star Paws sticker book series - Review

Over the years I have come to realise that (almost) all children love stickers. My Children are no exception, Chester especially, he really loves any kind of sticker! I also know that most children love animals, so I was very interested in hearing more when I was told about a new series of sticker books called Star Paws.

The Star Paws sticker books series consists of 4 titles: Party Time, Pirates, Super Heroes, Princesses. Each books contains over 200 stickers and is packed full of cute animals all ready to be dressed up with the stickers!

We chose to review Party Time and Super Heroes. Chester was very excited when he saw them, they are very bright and bold and he could not believe his eyes when he saw the pages and pages of stickers inside. Millie was very excited to see them too, but for very different reasons! She loved the pictures of the animals and was happy to point and giggle at them!

Chester and I decided to start with the Super Heroes book while Millie was having a nap, I quickly realised the best thing for Chester would be to take the sticker pages out so he could see them in front of him rather than flicking through the book. This was very easy to do as the sticker pages were in the middle of the book. We had loads of fun and giggles choosing which stickers to use on each page. Each page has a title and the page title is also used to group the correct stickers. An older child (Chester is 4) would totally understand this and perhaps have more patience, however, as much as I tried to explain this to Chester he only wanted to do it his way, which was choose the stickers for the animals all by himself! The way the animals are situated on the pages and the vast amount of stickers meant that this was not a problem at all. Most of the stickers did fit on any of the animals and if they didn't Chester was very good at making them fit!!

Before we knew it nearly two hours had gone by. Yes, thats right, I managed to keep Chester's attention for nearly two hours! I could not believe it! This was last Friday, since then we have spent some time every single day adding stickers to the animals in both books. I really love these books, and its clear the kiddies do to. Chester has got a fantastic imagination so he has been making up stories for all of the animals. For instance I read him a page in the Party time book it simply said "come on pups lets get in the party mood" I then read out all of the puppies names (all written next to each pup) and as soon as Chester heard that one of them was called Thor that was it, he thought Thor was training the other pups to be Avengers! So he dressed them all up for a party to say well done for learning new tricks!! He was deep in that imaginative story for ages, telling me all about them! Then, for Millie, its been great to point out the different types of animals to her. She is at that age where she is taking everything in, over the course of the weekend we were able to teach her to point at the correct animal when we said Cat or Dog.

Whilst we were busy sticking some moustaches on some animals the other day I had a bit of a light bulb moment..... these would be perfect for long journeys be it on the Train, in the car or even on a plane. If they could keep Chester entertained for such a long time, surely they would keep other children entertained for a length of time too?! So I have already decided to purchase the Pirate and Princesses books from the series for our long haul trip to Florida later in the year!

The Star Paws sticker book series have an RRP of £3.99 and can be purchased from Panmacmillan here. They are for all ages, anyone who loves stickers and animals will love these books! Personally I think these books are a bargain at £3.99, they have already given Chester (and Millie) hours of fun and we still have lots of stickers left! It has become an everyday activity and I have found it great for keeping them entertained while I need to get some housework done or if we all need a bit of a time out!


  1. These look like great books. We like the Usborne Dolly Dressing Sticker books too, the one that my daughter got for Christmas kept her happy for hours!

    1. I will have to look into those ones when Millie is a bit older, they sound cute! Its amazing how fascinating a sticker can be isn't it?!!