Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow fun!

So after a couple of weeks of predicted snow, it finally got to us very late on Saturday evening! I suspect it took so long to get to us because Chester and Millie got a Sledge from grandparents at Christmas, so ever since Christmas day Chester has been practically begging the sky to snow!

By the time the kiddies woke on Sunday morning we looked out of our window to see that we were covered  with a lovely thick blanket of snow! The down side to this was that I was/still feel very ill. Some sort of nasty bug I have picked up but on top of feeling sick and ache all over I also feel totally zapped of my usual mass of energy! It is probably my bodies way of saying slow down, just wish I had time to listen to it!

Anyway.... so it was down to Craig to take at least Chester out in the snow, which he did. Before lunch they set off to the local park and then the shop, Craig had to pull Chester along on the sled of course! After warming up and having lunch, they then wrapped up again and went into the garden to make a snowman! Chester was very excited and pleased with the snowman, Craig was probably a bit less enthusiastic because it was his hat and scarf that the snowman was wearing!! Millie went out for a short amount of time but was not really that bothered! They then had a little snowball fight and came back in.

While I was resting and getting very jealous of all the people having fun in the snow, I noticed on my facebook that quite a few people were moaning about the snow. What always makes me laugh when people moan about snow is that lots of other countries get snow and deal with it really well. No one moans, everyone just gets on with it. We only get it once or twice a year, so why not be happy and embrace it?! Yes, I agree that people need to get to work. But maybe rather than moan about the snow, moan about the unorganised gritting companies that have known of the impending snow for weeks yet when it arrives they are shocked its here and under prepared!! They are supposed to grit at least the main roads, I know lots of main roads that have not even been touched!!

I am not going to moan about the snow though, because I LOVE it! Today Chester's Nursery didn't bother to let us know if it was open or not, I eventually found out from the School next door's website that the School was open. What made me laugh about this was that following that statement was... but it is still VERY icy so please be careful! So it is a School on a hill with an icy road and pathways, yet they risk assess that it is ok for Children to go to school?! As you can imagine I did not send Chester to Nursery, we have instead decided to stay at home and have a snow day!!

So this morning hubbie set off for work and Chester and I decided after running a couple of errands we would stop off at one of the local parks. Millie hasn't got a clue what is going around her, so we decided to introduce her to sledging and snow angels!

I am so glad we did because we have had a fab day, Millie was happy most of the time, until it got a little bit to cold for her. Chester was a very proud big brother pulling Millie around on the sledge and showing her how to make snow angels! We even managed to find a small hill to go down (this is when I wished I lived near my parents as they have loads of big hills near them!), which Chester decided to go down sideways!

So happy snow day everyone!! Here are a few pics of the fun we have had........

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