Monday, 10 December 2012

Drusillas Park review

On Saturday we took the kiddies to Drusillas Park for the day, it was a family day out that we have had in our diarys for weeks! By the end of last week I have to admit I was starting to get a little worried about the weather! However on the day it was mild and sunny, perfect for walking around a small Zoo!

Drusillas is in East Sussex, so about and hour and half away from us in the car. It was easy to find via sat nav.

I had done my reasearch and found out that Father Christmas would be there, he was free to visit but for an additional £4 each the Children could also come away with a gift. We went for that option, we went to see Father Christmas first and I am glad we did. It was only a 5 minute wait when we got to his cottage but later in the day the que was much longer! Chester LOVED seeing Father Christmas, seeing his little face light up when he saw him was awesome. However, the same can not be said for Millie who cried her little eyes out! It is her first Christmas though so it probably was a bit of a shock to her! The presents they received were lovely, Chester got a Reindeer soft toy and Millie got a my first bear! When we came out there was a lovely area where the children could do some colouring in and chat with the Elf and Mrs Claus, and also some reindeer and a sleigh to sit on!

Another extra to Drusillas is Thomas the Tank Engine, Chester was super excited about this. Thomas took us on a ride along with Annie and Clarabel, where we also spotted James, Diesel, the Fat Controller and Bulgy the bus! We actually went on Thomas twice throughout the day, the second time round we spotted Cranky at sodor docks!

Then we retraced  our steps a little and walked round the park looking at all of the animals. Now, I have to admit that when we walked through the entrance me and Craig did look at each other and say this is a bit small. But after walking round I am happy to say it is actually a lot bigger than we first thought!

We spent lots of time looking around at all of the animals, Millie loved seeing lots of interesting animals from her pushchair and Chester not only loved the animals but also loved some nice little extras that Drusillas have. They are: an animal spotting book, every time you see an animal in your book you can stamp it. Then there were the Zoolympics at various spots around the park. Ranging from hanging like a monkey to running as fast as you can! Every time you completed a Zoolympic challenge you wrote down your time/speed/etc in your Zoolympic book then at the end you hand it into Guest Services who will send you out a certificate! Both of those extras are free of charge and went down very well with Chester (who is 4), they were a nice little touch, keeping him entertained throughout the day!

There are lots of Small animals at Drusillas, too many for me to mention but highlights for us were: penguins, snakes, beavers, Racoons, lots of different types of monkey, dwarf mongooses, minature donkeys, rainbow lorikeets, meerkats and lemurs.

There were some opportunities to get up close to some of the animals via walk through enclosures. I took Chester into the Lori Landing, where for £1 he got to feed some lovely Rainbow Lorikeets some nectar! He was very nervous at first and spilt a lot of the nectar, but he soon got some confidence and at one point 3 of the Lorikeets were sitting on his arm!

Another big plus at Drusillas are the play areas! In the summer they have a small water splash area, but all year round they have 2 lovely big outdoor play areas and a good sized indoor one! Craig and I even had a go on the hamster wheel! We spent a good hour and a half in the 3 play areas, it was not only a nice place for the kiddies to play but also for us to have something to eat. We took our own lunch but there was plenty of choice to buy or cold food too. All reasonably priced.

The only downside to Drusillas was the amount of extras that were paid for activities, Chester really wanted to go on penguin plunge, which was a bouncy castle slide. But it was £3 for 6 slides. There were a few other paid for extras in that area and we felt it was a little unnecessary to charge you more money when you have already paid to get into the park. Although that feeling did not count for paying to feed the birds as I expect that charge and find it acceptable.

Drusillas certainly is a whole day out! We got there at 10.15am and left at 3.45pm! We could of easily of stayed for longer but the kiddies were getting cold and tired. In the summer I can image we would stay from open until close. Admission ranges from £10-£16.50 per person (over the age of 2) or between £18-£77.50 for a family ticket depending on how many of you are going and if you go on a peek/off peek day. An annual membership is £57 per person. There is much more to do and see than you can imagine and we certainly recommend it, it was a great family day out where there really is something for everyone!


  1. We went to Drusillas earlier on in the year for the first time and loved it. I think its a wonderful little Zoo with plenty of activity for the little ones its only about 30 minutes away for us so we will definitely be going back when little one is a bit bigger :)

    1. I was amazed at how much activities they had going on! Glad you had a great time too. We will deffo be going back x