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Christmas gift ideas for Preschoolers

Now that it is December and Christmas is only just over 3 weeks away, I thought it would be a good time to share with you some gift ideas for Children of Preschool age. Preschool age is classed as age 3-5, some of these gifts are aged at 18 months-5 years. I know that sometimes it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift for little ones, so hopefully my post will be of some help.

Most of the items on my gift ideas for Preschoolers list are items that we have used/are still using. Some of them  we have brought, others were given to us to review in the past, but all of them are things I genuinely think are great and have been a big hit in this house. A couple of items are things that I have actually brought for the kiddies this year on recommendations from others.

So  *said in the voices of Ant and Dec*  in no particular order.........

Little Lady Chlo Chlo's hair clips 
Gifts for Children do not just have to be toys! Ok, Millie maybe officially a little bit young to be classed as a preschooler but it doesn't stop me buying these cute little clips for her! I must stress that it my own decisions to let her wear these clips they are actually aimed for age 3+! The designs are fab, so many to choose from. There are some lovely Christmas deals on at the moment which is updated all the time so its worth keeping an eye on the facebook page. I have brought several different clips/sets of clips, they are always great quality and I always ask for the non slip grip to be put on to mine (at no extra cost!). My favorites at the moment are the Gingerbread ones, very festive!

WOW toys 
I say toys rather than picking a specific one as they are all so lovely. What is great about these toys is that you do not need any batteries, they still have lots of features but without the need for batteries! Chester has got a great imagination and these WOW toys just seem to fuel it even more! We have Harvey Harvester, Clippety Clop Farmer, Ernie Fire Engine. For Millie's birthday in January we have brought Casey Camper Van, Dynamite Daisy, Misty 'n' Molly. On Chester's wish list is Stanley street sweeper and Flip 'n' tip Fred!

Hama Beads
Hama Beads are a childhood favourite of mine, so I was thrilled when Chester wanted to sit and make some Hama bead creations with me! What is even more great is that these come in all different sizes to suit the age/ability of your child. Chester is happy using the Maxi Beads at the moment as they are a little more chunky and easier to hold. He loves the Dinosaur that he made and I know that he has asked his Auntie for the girl and boy peg boards with some extra beads! I love the fact the boards are reusable and you can buy all different coloured beads!

Elefun is a game that I remember well in the run up to Christmas last year! Chester was constantly showing me the adverts on TV and telling me that he really wanted it! So when he got it as a gift for Christmas he was ecstatic! We have spent many an hour playing this game, you put the butterfly's in the elephants trunk and switch it on, then you watch the butterfly's fly through the trunk then try and catch them with your net. The person with the most butterfly's at the end is the winner!

Snackin Safari
If you have read our review for Snackin Safari you will know how much of a hit this has been in our house! As Chester loved Elefun it was inevitable that he was going to like this action packed game! Snackin Safari is a fun game where you have to try and pick up snack cards with your elephants trunk! Whoever has the most at the end is the winner!

Hungry Hippos
I think you have probably guessed by now that alternative board games are a massive hit in this house at the moment and Hungry Hippos is another game that Chester is excited by. Its a fast paced game where you have to get your Hippo to eat the most amount of marbles to be the winner of the game! One of Chester's favorite things to do is to count everyone's marbles at the end of the game so not only is it fun it is educational too!

Leapfrog Tag reading system
We have got Chester a Leapfrog Tag for Christmas this year, after much research and reading lots of reviews we decided that the Tag rather than the Tag Jr was better for Chester, hopefully it will last him a long time and with lots of different books to purchase it is sure to keep him interested! The Tag system helps you read with your child and helps them to learn at there own pace. Chester loves story time so I am hoping we can use it as an add on to that!

Little Tikes Cosy Coupe
If you saw my post a few weeks ago you will know that the the Cozy Coupe is a well played with toy of Chester's that stays at Nannie and Grangrads house. Its a great imagination starter for Children, Chester is always going on adventures in it. If you have got the space its a great toy to keep your preschooler entertained!

Leapfrog Count and Scan 
Chester got this for Christmas last year and its something he plays with at least once a week!
In the box you get a scanner, 10 items of food and a shopping bag.
How it works is that your scanner has got 3 settings numbers, colours and music. You put your scanner on the setting you would like to use and then start pressing your scanner onto your food items. There are many phrases and songs as well as telling you what product you have just scanned. For instance if you pressed the scanner on the carrots when its in colour mode it is likely to say to you "orange carrots" or Number mode "lets count carrots together, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7" If you scan something other than the food, for example Chester thinks its hilarious to scan Millie, some of the phases include "is that organic" and "mmm tasty".

I hope this post has given you some ideas, would love to hear some of your gift recommendations, so if you have any please do leave a comment below!

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