Saturday, 29 December 2012

An awesome Christmas

Wow, can not believe its over for another year but what a fantastic Christmas it was!

Chester really 'gets' Christmas now, so the lead up to Christmas was very exciting. It truely is more magical with kiddies. Millie's First Birthday is not for another 2 weeks meaning that this was her first Christmas! She was a bit overwhelmed by it all but non the less she enjoyed herself.

Christmas eve was great, we were woken up at the semi reasonable time by Chester, who very excitedly told us that is was just one more sleep to go! My Sister and her Boyfriend invited us over to their home for the day and as I had to work in the evening we arranged to go round quite early.

They live about an hour away from us and just round the corner from them is a big retail area, Chester had sold his Chuggington train set a couple of days before (to make room for new toys) so I said we could stop off at Toys R Us on the way so that he could get a Skylander Triple pack. This was very tricky as I had to try and persuade him the best one to buy without letting on that he would receive Skylanders for Christmas! Whilst we were in there I spotted the Moshi Monster Advent calender reduced to £9.99 which worked out around 41p per moshi! So I treated Chester to that, and picked up some pink toot toot drivers for Millie's birthday.

By the time we eventually got to my Sisters Chester was even more excited about Christmas, he could not believe all the presents under her tree! My parents popped over as well and we had a really nice buffet. My sister had organised a Christmas themed quiz which I came second on (how annoying that my Dad beat me!) . She also did a Disney Christmas themed quiz, as many of you know we are all Disney mad so its no surprise that I came first! Well actually, I came joint first with my Sisters boyfriend! Sadly the day was over in a flash and it was time for us to head home so that I could get ready for work.

It is tradition  in our house, (as I suspect it is in many a house) to read t'was the Night Before Christmas (A visit from St Nicholas) by Clement Moore. Every Christmas eve for as long as I can remember that poem has either been read to me or I have read it. So I was determined to read it to the Children before I set off to work for the evening.

We also put out Father Christmas' snacks out before I went to work. This year they were homemade Christmas cookies, Archers and Lemonade, carrots and the reindeer food we made at the Sure Start centre. Oh and we left a Key out so that Father Christmas could get in as we do not have a chimney!

Off I went to work, when I got home Craig updated me on the evenings excitement. Both kiddies were fast asleep so we set about putting the presents around the tree.

I would love to say we were woken up by the kiddies on Christmas Day, but the reality is that we were so excited for the kiddies that we were awake by 5am listening out for them to wake up!!! When Chester did finally wake up at nearly 8am it was magical! Because Millie is still so little we have the monitor in their room so we could hear it all. He got out of bed opened his door, we then heard him gasp and say NO WAY!!! He came running in to our room and said Dad DAD, he's been, he's REALLY been!! Craig asked who has been and Chester said Santa, he has really been, my sack is full up!! He then went to wake up Millie and tell her the same!

Poor Millie did not have a clue what was going on around her, one minute she was fast asleep the next she was sitting on our bed with a sack full of presents in front of her!! Chester has asked Father Christmas for Crusher Skylander Giant and Millie asked for a noisy toy. They were both very happy to find that they got what they asked for plus a few little extras such as Disney DVDs, plate/bowl set and of course a wooden toy each made by the elves.

Whist why they were opening/playing with their toys from Father Christmas I contacted my parents to let them know the kiddies were up so they set off on the 45 minute journey to us. They really wanted to see the kiddies open the tree presents so we all waited upstairs until they arrived.

Chester was very pleased to see that Father Christmas had posted the key back through our front door, he also had eaten his snacks and fed the reindeer. He knew the reindeer had been fed because they had made a bit of a mess outside our front door!!

We spent the next hour or so opening pressies, Chester was very excited and very pleased with his pressies.
His favorites being Skylanders/Skylanders Giants figures, Leapfrog tag (he got the map, the body and couple of story books) Ben 10 stuff and some hulk hands!. Millie was again overwhelmed by everything so it took her a long time to open her pressies but her faves so far seem to be her Leap frog picnic basket, Fisher Price vanity unit, and the Vtech sit to stand dancing tower!

We then all had breakfast of bacon rolls before the kiddies opened pressies from Nannie and Grandad. The biggest surprise of the day came next. Craig and I had asked everyone for decorating vouchers as we desperately need to decorate a few rooms in the house, the hallway being top of the list. So when Dad came in with a big rectangle box for us all I could think of was, he does know we have a pasting table right?! Then when Craig and I opened it up we were shocked/surprised/pleased that it was a new 40" TV!! We had a tube TV and because nothing was wrong with it (and because we had other things to spend money on) we had not updated to a flat screen TV. So we were really very grateful to my parents for bring us up to date in TV fashion! Although they did get a telling off from me for going over the top on the present front!

Craig and Dad then spent time setting up the new TV, along with the new Blue ray player (naughty Dad went out shopping without Mum!) whilst Millie had a nap and Mum, Chester and I played Chester's new Jolly octopus game which was fab.

It was then time for Mum and Dad to go, they were spending the rest of the day round my Sisters. So I got on with the Christmas Dinner whilst Craig Chester and Millie played toys! We had a lovely Christmas Dinner, with Craig telling me off for making it so good because it made him eat too much!!!

I really do not know where kiddies get their energy from though, me and Craig we almost falling asleep for the rest of the afternoon while both kiddies were bouncing off the walls playing with their new toys!

The Christmas celebrations didn't end there, on Boxing Day we went over to Craig's Nan's house to spend some time with Craig's family. We had another lovely day with pressies and a buffet. Sadly both Chester and Millie had temperatures by the end of Boxing Day (and now have the winter bug) so we had to leave earlier than we would of liked too.

So Millie's first Christmas was certainly action packed! We all had a fab time making lots of wonderful memories. Now that Chester is that little bit older and 'gets' the magic a bit more it was awesome to watch the excitement through a childs eyes. Craig and I agreed that it was the best Christmas we have had because of Chester's reaction to it all!

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