Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Writing letters to Father Chrismas!

I remember writing a letter to Father Christmas every year when I was little. I used to go through the Argos and Index (who remebers them?!) catalouges and write a big list of what I wanted! We'd send it and then a couple of weeks later get a letter back from Father Christmas, oh wow he had actually read my letter and replyed!

I really want my children to have the same ammount as excitement I did at Christmas as a child. This year Chester is far more aware about Father Christmas than previous years, so at the weekend we decided to write our letters to Father Christmas. See I am already getting more organised for Christmas (after my post last week about being behind!)

I explained to Chester that if he wanted to, he could draw a picture of what he wanted and I would write what he wanted to put in the letter. He was very excited, got his art pack out and started drawing. I asked what he was drawing, it was no surprise that he was asking for a Skylander!! I asked if he was going to ask for anything else and he said no Mummy because I have asked other people for the other things I want! I wasn't going to argue with that!!

He eventually finished drawing his letter, he stuck a present sticker on his letter and I then put some dots down for him to trace his name and it was ready to send!

Millie, at the age of 10months was much more interested in eating the pens than drawing!

However I did manage to get her to do a little drawing. Chester then helped me decipher the drawing to be some noisy toys! So for her first Christmas Millie has asked Father Christmas for some noisy toys.... Daddy will be pleased!

Then I had to find the address to send the letters too. Some people like to do the paid for letters, but I have always sent mine to the address Royal Mail give. You always get a lovely letter back and all it has cost is the cost of a stamp!
The address (for anyone that was wondering) is:
Father Christmas
Santas Grotto
Reindeer Land

Do not forget to pop your (childs) name and address at the top of your letter and a stamp on the envelope!

So now the waiting has begun for the replys!


  1. Ah how lovely! I want to write a letter to Father Christmas with J this weekend and I'm so happy I read this post as I had no idea about the Royal Mail thing, so do I just pop on a normal first class stamp? Very excited now :)
    I hope both Chester and Millie get what they want for Christmas, if Father Christmas is feeling generous of course :p Poor Daddy!

  2. Yep just a 1st class stamp as if it was a normal letter. Haha hopefully they will if they are good! xx