Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Millie's first driving lesson... In a Cozy Coupe!

For Chester's 2nd birthday (he is 4 now) my parents brought him a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car, he instantly loved his bright red car. The Cozy Coupe 'lives' at my parents house every time we go round there it is still his most played with toy.

Yesterday we went round to my parents house, and as usual he went straight to his Cozy Coupe. Over the last couple of years his play with the Cozy Coupe has progressed from just sitting in and pressing the horn, to imaginative play such as filling it with petrol, picking up some shopping and being a mechanic and repairing it!

Yesterday however, Chester and the Cozy Coupe took on a new role.... teaching Millie how to Drive!

Chester asked if he could sit Millie next to him, I agreed and helped to put her in the seat. There was not much room but they both seemed happy! As you know Millie is only 10 months old, but she is more than happy to do whatever her brother is doing. Chester showed her how to hold the steering wheel, how to press the horn and how to turn the key! He took his role as driving instructor very seriously, in fact they had such a long driving lesson that they had to stop for petrol twice!

I was amazed at how long Millie was happy to sit and play in the Cozy Coupe with her big brother, it must of been over an hour before she started to get tired and wanted to crawl off! What I love most about this stage of the children's childhood is that they are just at the very beginning of learning to play together, its only happened over the last week really and although Millie can not talk, she certainly makes herself heard and is more than happy to follow Chester around and absorb everything he is doing!

Here is how they got on (excuse the quality of the pictures, there was no time to get the camera out to capture these memories so I had to take on my phone!)

How to hold the steering wheel.

How to fill up with petrol

Millie's Driving was a bit scary... hanging on for dear life


  1. Ah, lovely. I'm looking forward to my two starting to play together. Little Miss is only 9 weeks at the moment so it will be a while yet!

    1. It will soon come around quickly! I cant believe Millie is 10 months old already!