Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippos Review

I was a child of the 80's and I remember playing Hungry Hippos very well. My Sister and I had the game, I think we got it one christmas. It had a red board and there was always a fight over who would have the pink hippo!

Chester is 4 and is starting to get a little more patient with sitting still and playing board games, so I have been taking a lot more notice of what kind of games are available for him. I was delighted to find out that Hungry Hippos is still going strong and couldn't wait to sit down and play it with Chester!

In the box was a game base, 4 hippos, 20 plastic marbles and the instructions.

Setting the game up was pretty easy, the Hippos all just click into place. I have to say we have already lost 2 marbles under the sofa, but that's no surprise really is it?!

All the Hippo's now have names which i think is cute. They are called: Hungry Hippo, Bottomless Potamus, Veggie Potamus and Sweetie Potamus. Their colours are Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. So no pink but actually I love the bright colours. The base is a light blue colour.

The idea of the game is to get the balls into the middle and then press your hippo so that it eats the marbles. You can either play it so that whoever has the most amount of marbles at the end is the winner or with this version you can play it with a golden marble, and whoever gets the golden marble is the winner!

Chester quickly picked up the rules, even if at first he did insist on having 2 hippos all to himself! It is great for improving his counting skills, he really enjoyed counting everyone's marbles at the end of the game!

I think its worth mentioning right now that the game is aimed at ages 4+ and you should never play this game with a child under the age of 1 crawling around you! Millie wasn't happy to just sit and watch she wanted to eat all of the marbles! So we now only play when she is napping or we play it on the kitchen table!

What I really love about this game is the packing away! That sounds awful but bare with me. The child in me was excited about playing the game but the mother in me was worried about what was going to happen to all those marbles when we had finished playing, they could easily get lost, just like the 2 under our sofa!

But it seems Hasbro have thought of everything, because, when packing away there is a clever storage space on the underside of the game base. Including a pot to store away the marbles. The hippos each have a space on the underside of the board to click into, with there heads resting on the ball catch of another hippo. Its easy to detach them from the base to store them away, you simply press in the two tabs and pull.

So not only is everything packed away securely, it is also compact and fits perfectly into the box!

The RRP is £14.99 but I have seen it in Asda this week for £8.84 so grab yourselfs a bargain!

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