Saturday, 24 November 2012

Elefun Snackin' Safari Review

Last month Chester and I were invited to the Elefun Snackin' Safari launch, it was held at The Rainforest Cafe in London. We had lots of fun playing games and listening to Elephant themed stories!

Hasbro have launched this new game (Elefun Snackin' Safari), Chester was very excited about it. There has been advertising about it all over the kiddies TV channels recently and as he already has Elefun, which he loves, he was very keen to play Snackin' Safari.

In the box you get 2 Snackin' Safari Elephant heads, 2 handles, 2 Elephant trunks, 13 snack cards, 2 home base cards, and the instructions.

Its very easy to put together, all you need to do is clip the handles on the back of the heads and then push the trunks on to the front of the heads!

The idea of the game is to use your Elephant head to pick up the snack cards, this works because there is a suction cup on the end of the trunk. Whilst we were at the Snackin' Safari launch I quickly realised that Chester found it quite difficult to do. The trunk is like a slinky so I suppose it is quite hard for little ones to co-ordinate the suction to the right place. The game is for ages 3 and up, Chester is 4 and looking around I could see the other pre-schoolers finding it hard too. So I was a little concerned that it was perhaps to difficult for its age range. However, I also quickly realised that you could push the slinky trunk into the head to keep it still. This was easier for Chester to understand so whilst at the launch this is how we played it.

There are a few different ways to play the game, the Elephant head handles are coloured either orange or green. The two home base cards are also Orange or Green, so you could play it so that you would need to be the quickest to pick up all of your colour snack cards (as there are 2 of each food, with either orange or green background). You can also turn all the snack cards over so you can not see the what the snacks are, you could just play it seeing who manages to get the most snacks back on to their base.

Chester and Daddy having lots of fun!
But there is another way of playing that Chester enjoys the most and that is finding the Golden Tutti Frutti Cake snack card.

He likes to either play it so that if you find the Tutti Frutti Cake you are the winner OR if you find the Tutti Frutti Cake you are the loser!

We have been playing Snackin' Safari lots at home and since the launch I have managed to help Chester play the game with the slinky trunk down as well as up! Although it was hard for him at first, he soon got used to it. Although being very competitive he soon realised it was in his best interests to keep the trunk still to collect his cards quicker! Little monkey!

This game has got the big thumbs, not only from Chester but also from me. From a parents point of view it is compact and easy to store, I could see us taking it on holiday or when staying over at the grandparents. Its a fun game which is easy for your pre school child to understand, its also good for counting skills as Chester has great delight in slowly counting his cards (and then mine, or Daddy's) and then informing us that he is the winner!

The RRP for Elefun Snackin' Safari is £14.99


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