Saturday, 17 November 2012

ChokaBlok Christmas Tree's review

A little while ago you might remember a review I did on Chokablok chocolate bars and gift box. Its fair to say that they were a hit in our house, luckily my hubbie quickly realised how much I liked and I got one of the chocolate gift boxes as a birthday present from the kiddies!

So when I was contacted again and told of a brand new Chokablok range (exclusive to Tesco) I was more than happy to review some of the new range!!

A few days later, I received these in the post.....

Thats right, ChokaBlok Christmas Trees! On the left Cookie Crumb Mon Star, which is White Chocolate with cookie crumbs, shortcake biscuit balls and milk chocolate stars. On the right Gold Digger Dynamite, which is milk chocolate with caramel filled milk chocolate cups and honeycomb chunks. 

The two others in the range are Rocky Road of Love which has mini marshmallow hearts and dark chocolate hearts. Last (but not least) The Chocolate Extremist which has brownies and milk chocolate malt balls. 

That evening Hubbie and I decided to watch a film (Iron Man, awesome film!) so tried some of the Chokablok Christmas Trees whist enjoying the film! 

I have to say I originally was a little disappointed with how thin the Christmas tree was...

However, on taking the first bite out of the tree I remembered just how sickly Chokablok is! So actually the size of the tree is absolutely fine! 

Even with my sweet tooth, we did not managed to even finish one tree between both of us that evening! To my surprise it took us just over a week of nibbling small amounts every evening for us to finish the trees! 

The flavours are identical to the Chokablok chocolate bars but the size is much bigger. Just as we suspected, we loved the tress just as much as the chocolate bars. Gold Digger Dynamite is still my favourite the caramel and Honeycomb is just so yummy!

I think that the Christmas Trees are a great new addition to the Chokablok range, perfect for a Christmas treat, a present for someone or even a treat to leave out for Father Christmas! 

The RRP for the Chokablok chocolate trees are £4 each and are available to buy in Tesco now, along with some other new creations including Ice Cream Cakes, Hot Chocolate and Cupcakes! 

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