Friday, 30 November 2012

Me&i Children's clothing review

When I went along to the baby show at earl court a little while ago I met lots of lovely people and saw lots of lovely products. One of the things that has stuck in my mind is the Me&i clothing range.

If im honest what first caught my eye was the material. A lot of the lovely clothes were made of Velour. When Chester was a baby he had a velour dungaree set with a little pup on the front of it. It was my favorite outfit for him at the time, so seeing all the lovely clothes on the Me&i stand brought back some very fond memories!

I had a lovely chat with Pernilla that day and she explained to me that not only do they sell these lovely clothes but they also have opportunities for others to sell them too and make a bit of money for themselves! So I will start by telling you about the fold over top we were sent for Millie to try and will go into how you can get involved afterwards!

When I had Millie I was sick of the lack of choice for Chester, I mean basically for baby boys its jeans and t shirts right?! So I swore to myself that Millie would always be in dresses or skirts and tights. 10 months on and I have found out that is not always practical! So sometime Millie will be seen in long tops and leggings instead. I have not yet put her in a pair of jeans, I just cant bring myself to do it! Surprisingly I am the total opposite of what I would like Millie to be. I am not a girly girl myself, what I mean by that is that the way I dress not in other aspects of my life as that is quite girly I suppose! I will always been seen in jeans, jeans, jeans and er sometimes leggings and long tops!!

So, back to the point... Millie was sent a green fold over top with a cuddly bear on the front of it. At first glance I was a bit worried that this would not be girly enough for her. However, as soon as I put it on her (I paired it with some leggings) I could see that she looked very cute and indeed very girly!

The fold over top is Velour (80% organic cotton and 20% polyester), it is lovely and soft. It has poppers on the inside and then a lovely ribbon on the outside. This is very good because even though children will wear there average age clothing the fit will be different on each child, so the ribbon enables you to tighten as much as you need to. Millie is quite tall for her age so I asked for 12-18 months for her. It is obviously a bit long in the arms but thats no problem because the cuffs are that elasticy fit I just bunched up the material above that and it looks fine! It fits perfectly everywhere else.

As most of you know, Millie is a very active 10 month old and loves to get everywhere, so taking a picture was a bit of a challenge! As she is so active I was a bit worried that the ribbon would come loose, but it was fine and stayed put. Millie has worn the foldover top several times now, meaning it has also been washed several times! It has washed up really well, no shrinkage and little stains came out easily.

The foldover with cuddly bear is on offer at the moment for £19. Now I have to be honest and say that this is far more than I would normally spend on a top for Millie, the most I have probably spent is £6!! However,  if you compare the quality of this top and how well it washes to one I would normally buy you can see why the saying you get what you pay for exists! There is a lovely range of lovely bright clothing for babies and children on the website that is well worth a look!

As I mentioned earlier Me&i are looking for sales representatives to run clothes parties from home. The idea has taken off really well in Scandinavia and they are hoping it can be a success here in the UK too! Basically how it works is that you buy or rent one collection per season, do 4-5 parties a month and get 20% commission (going upto 25% if you hit certain targets). You take the orders and then Me&i send them out meaning no trying to deliver or chase for payment! So it is a lovely little earner to fit around your family commitments! If you would like anymore information on this opportunity then take a look at this page on the website.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippos Review

I was a child of the 80's and I remember playing Hungry Hippos very well. My Sister and I had the game, I think we got it one christmas. It had a red board and there was always a fight over who would have the pink hippo!

Chester is 4 and is starting to get a little more patient with sitting still and playing board games, so I have been taking a lot more notice of what kind of games are available for him. I was delighted to find out that Hungry Hippos is still going strong and couldn't wait to sit down and play it with Chester!

In the box was a game base, 4 hippos, 20 plastic marbles and the instructions.

Setting the game up was pretty easy, the Hippos all just click into place. I have to say we have already lost 2 marbles under the sofa, but that's no surprise really is it?!

All the Hippo's now have names which i think is cute. They are called: Hungry Hippo, Bottomless Potamus, Veggie Potamus and Sweetie Potamus. Their colours are Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. So no pink but actually I love the bright colours. The base is a light blue colour.

The idea of the game is to get the balls into the middle and then press your hippo so that it eats the marbles. You can either play it so that whoever has the most amount of marbles at the end is the winner or with this version you can play it with a golden marble, and whoever gets the golden marble is the winner!

Chester quickly picked up the rules, even if at first he did insist on having 2 hippos all to himself! It is great for improving his counting skills, he really enjoyed counting everyone's marbles at the end of the game!

I think its worth mentioning right now that the game is aimed at ages 4+ and you should never play this game with a child under the age of 1 crawling around you! Millie wasn't happy to just sit and watch she wanted to eat all of the marbles! So we now only play when she is napping or we play it on the kitchen table!

What I really love about this game is the packing away! That sounds awful but bare with me. The child in me was excited about playing the game but the mother in me was worried about what was going to happen to all those marbles when we had finished playing, they could easily get lost, just like the 2 under our sofa!

But it seems Hasbro have thought of everything, because, when packing away there is a clever storage space on the underside of the game base. Including a pot to store away the marbles. The hippos each have a space on the underside of the board to click into, with there heads resting on the ball catch of another hippo. Its easy to detach them from the base to store them away, you simply press in the two tabs and pull.

So not only is everything packed away securely, it is also compact and fits perfectly into the box!

The RRP is £14.99 but I have seen it in Asda this week for £8.84 so grab yourselfs a bargain!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A new learning curve for us!

Well it turns out that my gorgeous little Millie poppins is probably not a "normal" baby. Over the last 3 months I have discovered that she is almost certainly diary/milk intolerant.

Millie was just like her brother before weaning, she had a great sleep routine, sleeping through the night from 6 weeks old. However, when we started to wean her at almost 6 months old I quickly realised something was not right.

She has gone from a lovely content happy baby, to a not so happy baby who is not very good at sleeping through the night! Now I know that she was also teething so at first I put it down to that. But it didn't take long for me to realise that, actually, something else was wrong. I noticed that she was being sick a lot. Which was unusual for her, I also noticed that she was crying in her sleep sometimes even screaming. All very unlike her.

So when I finally managed to get her an appointment at the doctors (almost 2 weeks after I rang up!) the doctor suggested putting her on Nutramigen Lipil which is an alternative to cows milk. So I tried her on that and for the first 2 weeks she was sick only once. Great, I thought. But sadly I spoke to soon and she soon started being sick again.

I have found out this evening whist chatting to some other very lovely bloggers, that the milk she has been given is probably not the right one for her, there are a lot more foods than I first thought that she actually can not have and also she probably will not be sick straight after eating the food that is not agreeing with her, it may take some hours to process.

So as of today I am keeping a diary of every single bit of food/drink that goes in her mouth so that when I finally get her appointment through for the dietitian I will be armed with some evidence!

Tomorrow, the first thing I will be doing is ringing the doctor to get her milk changed and then we will be making a trip to the supermarket to buy some Millie friendly food!

Argh, wouldn't life be boring if it was all very easy?! I shall just keep smiling though it no doubt!

Thank you so much to everyone who has already given me some great advice and blog posts to read. Any more advice/experiences would be gratefully received!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Haribo and Sausage rolls for Christmas Dinner....

Over the last few day we have been a house full of illness! First the kiddies and Craig had a sickness bug and now I have a nasty cold bug, I would say its almost bordering on Flu to be honest!

So we have not had much energy to do very much. I decided this morning that rather than sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, that I would sit on the sofa with Chester and make a list of all the Christmas food we need to buy.

I explained to Chester that we were going to make a list, starting with our Christmas Day dinner list. I asked Chester if he could think of anything we would need.

So from the mouth of a 4 year old this is exactly what we need for our Christmas Day dinner....

  • Fruitella's
  • Maoam's (big pack)
  • Haribo's
  • Sausages
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Carrots
  • Cereal
  • Raspberries
  • Pizza (one that we can make by ourselves, I am a Pizza Chef don't you know Mummy)
  • Green Grapes
  • Bread
  • Ham
  • Dairylea Dunkers
  • Tomatos
  • Apples
  • Disney cartons - orange flavour
  • Mini Cheddars
  • Orange Peppers (oh actually, Red peppers too please)
  • A doughnut for Father Christmas
So after writing this list down for him and going over it again, I asked, do you think that is really what we will need for Christmas Day dinner? It seems like a lot of different types of food Chester? Yep that's all we need Mummy, was his reply. So just to clarify Chester, we will not be having the traditional Turkey this year then? Nope we can have that another day Mummy! 

There was I thinking that it would be nice for Chester to be more involved in the organisation of Christmas. Now I am actually thinking I may withdraw my offer to Chester, and offer him some Haribo to compensate him for his time! 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Elefun Snackin' Safari Review

Last month Chester and I were invited to the Elefun Snackin' Safari launch, it was held at The Rainforest Cafe in London. We had lots of fun playing games and listening to Elephant themed stories!

Hasbro have launched this new game (Elefun Snackin' Safari), Chester was very excited about it. There has been advertising about it all over the kiddies TV channels recently and as he already has Elefun, which he loves, he was very keen to play Snackin' Safari.

In the box you get 2 Snackin' Safari Elephant heads, 2 handles, 2 Elephant trunks, 13 snack cards, 2 home base cards, and the instructions.

Its very easy to put together, all you need to do is clip the handles on the back of the heads and then push the trunks on to the front of the heads!

The idea of the game is to use your Elephant head to pick up the snack cards, this works because there is a suction cup on the end of the trunk. Whilst we were at the Snackin' Safari launch I quickly realised that Chester found it quite difficult to do. The trunk is like a slinky so I suppose it is quite hard for little ones to co-ordinate the suction to the right place. The game is for ages 3 and up, Chester is 4 and looking around I could see the other pre-schoolers finding it hard too. So I was a little concerned that it was perhaps to difficult for its age range. However, I also quickly realised that you could push the slinky trunk into the head to keep it still. This was easier for Chester to understand so whilst at the launch this is how we played it.

There are a few different ways to play the game, the Elephant head handles are coloured either orange or green. The two home base cards are also Orange or Green, so you could play it so that you would need to be the quickest to pick up all of your colour snack cards (as there are 2 of each food, with either orange or green background). You can also turn all the snack cards over so you can not see the what the snacks are, you could just play it seeing who manages to get the most snacks back on to their base.

Chester and Daddy having lots of fun!
But there is another way of playing that Chester enjoys the most and that is finding the Golden Tutti Frutti Cake snack card.

He likes to either play it so that if you find the Tutti Frutti Cake you are the winner OR if you find the Tutti Frutti Cake you are the loser!

We have been playing Snackin' Safari lots at home and since the launch I have managed to help Chester play the game with the slinky trunk down as well as up! Although it was hard for him at first, he soon got used to it. Although being very competitive he soon realised it was in his best interests to keep the trunk still to collect his cards quicker! Little monkey!

This game has got the big thumbs, not only from Chester but also from me. From a parents point of view it is compact and easy to store, I could see us taking it on holiday or when staying over at the grandparents. Its a fun game which is easy for your pre school child to understand, its also good for counting skills as Chester has great delight in slowly counting his cards (and then mine, or Daddy's) and then informing us that he is the winner!

The RRP for Elefun Snackin' Safari is £14.99

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Salt dough Father Christmas!

Recently on Facebook I noticed a picture being shared around. It was a picture of a tree decoration Father Christmas, on closer inspection I realised it was actually a hand print made to look like a Father Christmas! It was such a clever idea so I had a go at making one each for Chester and Millie!

Here is how we did it!

We mixed together about half a cup of salt and half a cup of plain flour with about quarter cup of water until it formed a dough.
I then rolled it out and Chester and Millie each pressed there hand into the dough to leave an imprint...

I then cut off excess dough with a knife, insuring I left a small boarder around the outside, at the palm of the hand I made an incision big enough to insert some ribbon for hanging. 

I then baked in the oven on a low heat of around 100C for 3 hours. When I took out of the oven I noticed the back was still a little damp so I turned over and put back in the oven for just under an hour. It was a long waiting process and Chester was far from impressed but I kept telling him it would be worth the wait! 

Then because we ran out of time yesterday I actually waited until today to paint them, I used Red, white and pink paint and a black felt tip (I probably would of used black paint but I realised I did not have any!)

The final thing I did once the paint had dried was glaze with PVA glue to seal the dough and make sure it stays fresh. You could use varnish if you like. I am really pleased with how they turned out, especially as I am not artistic in anyway! Dont get me wrong I love to do arts and crafts with the kiddies, its just that I am not the best at drawing! 

I am going to be making these again, perfect little gifts for family and friends! They were so easy to make, the ingredients were really cheap too! I think next time I will add a little red glitter to Father Christmas's hat for that extra sparkle! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Handmadeatholmes Keepsake Doll Review

A little while ago I was made aware of a really great idea, a way of using a favourite baby outfit rather than just having it folded away in a draw! Using the outfit to make a Keepsake Doll. When the opportunity came up to review this fantastic idea I jumped at the chance.

Appologies now if I gush a bit in this review, its just that I am so impressed with the whole thing and really in love with the outcome!

Handmadeatholmes are on Facebook, its not just a one trick pony. Not only can you get Keepsake Dolls, you can also get sock monkeys and CE compliant dolls! All lovingly handmade, each one being unique.

I spoke with Danielle from Handmadeatholmes over several emails regarding a Handmade Keepsake Dolls, she was more than happy to answer my questions and give me suggestions. As you can imagine its a big thing getting your favourite baby outfit reworked for the Doll so Dannielle was great at putting my mind at ease.

The whole ordering process was very easy, I was emailed over a form that I needed to fill out with details including description of outfit, what colour hair I wanted and how it should be styled. Was there any parts of the outfit I wanted shown etc.

The form was great because I could explain exactly how I visualised the doll to look, any things I wanted added and anything I would not be happy with.

I had already sent a picture of the outfit I was sending (one of my fave's of Millie's) and Danielle was very patient with me, happy to answer any questions I had. What I actually ended up sending was the outfit plus a dress with Millie's name on it so that the Embroidered Millie could be used on the Keepsake Doll.

This is the outfit I sent:

This is Millie in the outfit 8 months ago:

So now is the time to admit..... I have actually lost the original tights that came with the outfit! So the tights I sent are a pair she wore just as much and she had worn with this outfit! 

I asked for a least one button and one pocket to be used. Danielle was very good at communicating with me and letting me know what stage she was at, and in less than 2 weeks I received the Keepsake Doll back in the post! 

I can not describe how please I am with the Keepsake Doll. The details and little touches are lovely. even the size label is stitched inside so that I can remember the age it was worn. The head band is made of the dress, the hairbands are made of the bodysuit. The pockets are perfect, as are the buttons. Then on the back is the cut out from the other dress I sent with the word Millie. 

You can tell instantly just how much care and attention has been put into making the Keepsake Doll, I am thrilled to bits to have this doll to put on display and remind me of how little my little girl once was! Its so nice to be able to make use of one of the outfits I kept, much better than have it stuck in the draw and almost forgotten about! 

Handmadeatholmes do not just do Girl Keepsake Dolls, I have seen some fab boy ones that Danielle has done! In fact I love Millie's doll so much I will be ordering one with one of my favourite outfit from Chester's baby days. I just need to get hubbie up in the loft to find it! 

So if you have got a baby outfit that you want on display rather than shut away in a cupboard I totally recommend that you pop over to Handmadeatholmes facebook page! Danielle has got some great pictures on there showing just what she can do! 

You will find this picture on there, its Millie's finished doll ..... 

Please note this is not my own picture, it belongs to handmadeatholmes

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Millie's new favourite thing to do!

I am amazed every single day at how much my baby is growing and learning. You would think that as she is my second child that I would be expecting these things. But actually they are two very different children so every new thing that Millie does is like a first for me.

Millie is a typical girly girl (the very opposite of me!) and one of her favourite things to do at the moment is to do a little baby dance!

I filmed her doing this the other day.......

Since filming this we have listened to lots of different music and it seems that she has one thing in common with me and her brother.... she prefers rock and alternative music! They both were bopping along to Foo Fighters last night and had me, hubbie and my parents in stitches!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

ChokaBlok Christmas Tree's review

A little while ago you might remember a review I did on Chokablok chocolate bars and gift box. Its fair to say that they were a hit in our house, luckily my hubbie quickly realised how much I liked and I got one of the chocolate gift boxes as a birthday present from the kiddies!

So when I was contacted again and told of a brand new Chokablok range (exclusive to Tesco) I was more than happy to review some of the new range!!

A few days later, I received these in the post.....

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Millie's first driving lesson... In a Cozy Coupe!

For Chester's 2nd birthday (he is 4 now) my parents brought him a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car, he instantly loved his bright red car. The Cozy Coupe 'lives' at my parents house every time we go round there it is still his most played with toy.

Yesterday we went round to my parents house, and as usual he went straight to his Cozy Coupe. Over the last couple of years his play with the Cozy Coupe has progressed from just sitting in and pressing the horn, to imaginative play such as filling it with petrol, picking up some shopping and being a mechanic and repairing it!

Yesterday however, Chester and the Cozy Coupe took on a new role.... teaching Millie how to Drive!

Chester asked if he could sit Millie next to him, I agreed and helped to put her in the seat. There was not much room but they both seemed happy! As you know Millie is only 10 months old, but she is more than happy to do whatever her brother is doing. Chester showed her how to hold the steering wheel, how to press the horn and how to turn the key! He took his role as driving instructor very seriously, in fact they had such a long driving lesson that they had to stop for petrol twice!

I was amazed at how long Millie was happy to sit and play in the Cozy Coupe with her big brother, it must of been over an hour before she started to get tired and wanted to crawl off! What I love most about this stage of the children's childhood is that they are just at the very beginning of learning to play together, its only happened over the last week really and although Millie can not talk, she certainly makes herself heard and is more than happy to follow Chester around and absorb everything he is doing!

Here is how they got on (excuse the quality of the pictures, there was no time to get the camera out to capture these memories so I had to take on my phone!)

How to hold the steering wheel.

How to fill up with petrol

Millie's Driving was a bit scary... hanging on for dear life

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Writing letters to Father Chrismas!

I remember writing a letter to Father Christmas every year when I was little. I used to go through the Argos and Index (who remebers them?!) catalouges and write a big list of what I wanted! We'd send it and then a couple of weeks later get a letter back from Father Christmas, oh wow he had actually read my letter and replyed!

I really want my children to have the same ammount as excitement I did at Christmas as a child. This year Chester is far more aware about Father Christmas than previous years, so at the weekend we decided to write our letters to Father Christmas. See I am already getting more organised for Christmas (after my post last week about being behind!)

I explained to Chester that if he wanted to, he could draw a picture of what he wanted and I would write what he wanted to put in the letter. He was very excited, got his art pack out and started drawing. I asked what he was drawing, it was no surprise that he was asking for a Skylander!! I asked if he was going to ask for anything else and he said no Mummy because I have asked other people for the other things I want! I wasn't going to argue with that!!

He eventually finished drawing his letter, he stuck a present sticker on his letter and I then put some dots down for him to trace his name and it was ready to send!

Millie, at the age of 10months was much more interested in eating the pens than drawing!

However I did manage to get her to do a little drawing. Chester then helped me decipher the drawing to be some noisy toys! So for her first Christmas Millie has asked Father Christmas for some noisy toys.... Daddy will be pleased!

Then I had to find the address to send the letters too. Some people like to do the paid for letters, but I have always sent mine to the address Royal Mail give. You always get a lovely letter back and all it has cost is the cost of a stamp!
The address (for anyone that was wondering) is:
Father Christmas
Santas Grotto
Reindeer Land

Do not forget to pop your (childs) name and address at the top of your letter and a stamp on the envelope!

So now the waiting has begun for the replys!

Monday, 12 November 2012

hot dots

Recently Learning resources set us a Hot Dots pen and some numbers & counting Hot Dots cards. They are aimed at children aged between 3-6 so this one was for Chester.

This is what we thought...

We were sent the Original Hot Dots pen which is actually aged at over 5, Chester is only 4 and I have to admit that I did not realise the pen was for over 5's until after we had used it. The pen's for Chester's actual age range are Kat the talking teaching Kitty and Ace the Talking Teaching Pen. Chester got on really well with the original pen so I would actually say it was suitable for age 4+

The idea with the Hot Dots pen and cards is that you have a set of double sided cards, each side has a question and then either at the bottom or the side has 3 answers. Next to each answer has a dot next to it, what the child is meant to do is push the Hot Dot pen on to the dot next to what they believe to be the correct answer. If your answer is correct the light on the Hot Dot pen will be green and you will hear an upbeat message telling you that you got it right. If you got it wrong the light will be Red and you will hear an upbeat message encouraging you to try again. 

I love the idea of these, so was really looking forward to seeing what Chester's reaction would be.

We sat down together, while Daddy was entertaining Millie! The pen required 2 AAA batteries so I popped some in and we spent some time exploring the pen. Chester was able to grasp it with ease and I loved the fact you could turn the volume up or down (by pressing the music button)

Next we got the cards out, I love that they come in a lovely carry box. There are 36 double sided cards with 72 number and counting activities on them. They start off relatively easy asking you how many of a particular animal there are. 

they gradually get harder asking you which numbers are the same, match the number to the number word and what number comes after..

Chester seemed to pick it up quite quickly, there were times where he has got the answer right but the Hot Dots pet had said he had got it wrong. This was because he has not placed the pen directly on the dot. So they really do need to be careful how the pen is placed, I think this is good for their coordination though so its not something I am complaining about. 

Chester's birthday is end of September so he just missed out on going to School this year. I am always looking at ways to stimulate his brain a little bit more, don't get me wrong I am not a pushy mother at all. Its just that I am aware he is one of the oldest at his Nursery School and do not want him to get bored or frustrated with learning. 

I was really happy with Chester's progress with the cards, obviously some of the cards were a little too challenging for him at the moment, but he gave them a go and was not disheartened that he got them wrong. It just gave him more of a reason to try again. 

There are lots of different sets in the range, so not only can you get cards to help with numbers and counting you can also get cards for phonics, problem solving and shapes. As they grow older you can get them Maths, spelling and lots more. The sets of cards start with an RRP of £10.74 and the Hot Dots pen RRP is £8.34. So you are looking at under £20 to start your Hot Dots collection off! I think they are a great investment and a fun way to encourage your child to learn. Chester has asked to 'play' Hot Dots every day since I introduced it to him and I am more than happy to go with that. I am already looking at other sets I could get that would help him. I think top of my list is the problem solving set.

Learning Resources have got a competition over on their facebook page to win the Hot Dots pen and the Numbers and Counting cards, so if you fancy winning that fab prize pop on over to their Facebook page! But be quick the competition closes on Friday 16th November 2012!

If you would like to find out more about Hot Dots click here

Roller Shutters

Choosing The Best Roller Shutters And What To Know About Them 

When choosing roller shutters for your business and indeed your home there are a few considerations you need to take into account before purchase. This is a concise list of all of the most prominent issues to bear in mind: 

Friday, 9 November 2012

WOW toys - Ernie Fire Engine review and giveaway!!

Back in the Summer we went to the Lollibop festival  in London. One of the sections had a WOW toys area, Chester really loved playing with the toys and using his imagination.

We actually have a WOW toy at home, Harvey Harvester. It is a great toy and one that Chester always goes to when playing imaginative games. So already impressed with the quality of Harvey Harvester I wanted to find out more about other toys in the range.

So recently we were sent an Ernie Fire Engine to have a play with, he is part of the Emergency Range and comes with a fire fighter called Jack and an safety barrier. If you go onto the WOW toys website you can view Ernie's profile and find out all about him. Apparently some of the things he likes are tomatos and hanging out with Robin?!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Christmas is next month EEEK!!

Normally I am super organised for Christmas, I start buying pressies and planning in the Summer. This year I feel like my Christmas organisation has been turned upside down.... by the arrival of Millie!

I am the first to admit that I am finding it hard to get everything done now that we have two Children, whoever told me (and I know several did) that having two is much easier than having just one was lying!!

So far I have only got a few presents for Chester and Millie, and that is it. Nothing else has been sorted at all. I feel completely unorganised, which really freaks me out! I mean, when am I going to find the time to do all the Christmas shopping for a start? Then there is the problem of clearing out old toys to make way for new ones!! On top of that Millie's birthday is just 2 weeks and 1 day after Christmas and I have not even thought about what we will be doing for that ARGHHHHHHH!!

Music for Kids open and play Recorder pack Review

Recently we were sent an Music for Kids open and play pirate themed recorder pack for Chester to review and here is what we thought....

When I think back to when I was at Primary School, the thing I remember most was learning to play the recorder, and then our whole class (lets not get to carried away there was only 8 people in my year!) having to play the recorder in every single school concert! The recorders were all brown apart from one which was a light green colour. Everyone used to fight over it, luckily I almost always managed to get it!

My point is, no one wants a boring coloured recorder! The open and play pirate themed recorder pack comes with a blue recorder with 60 peelable stickers to decorate it, so no worries of a boring colour there!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bonfire night dinner... a family tradition

There are actually 2 versions of our bonfire night family tradition from when I was little, the first one being just sausages, stuffed jackets and tomato soup. That was mainly used if we were having a garden fireworks as well, and I seem to remember having it on Halloween more often than bonfire night.

The other version is my favorite one and the one I remember the most. I get my cooking skills from my Dad, he was always the cook for our evening meals when my sister and I were living at home. If mum was cooking we knew it would either be burnt or it would be hamwiches and waffles! So it was my Dad who 'invented' our family tradition and I have just carried it on.

Cbeebies The Album Review and giveaway!

We were recently sent a copy of the new Cbeebies CD (Cbeebies The Album) to review.

Chester has a few programmes on Cbeebies which he likes to watch and Millie is happy to watch them too. The CD has got 2 discs each with 25 song on. Wow 50 songs!!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Millie's new milestones!

FINALLY!!!! Millie has decided over the last week that she CAN crawl!

Well I say she can crawl, she can crawl when she wants too. Which to be honest is not very often! In fact she is far more interested in pulling herself up on any bit of furniture or toy she can find! If she does crawl its usually for a few seconds and then she reverts back to slugging it across the floor! I am still proud of her though!

The last week has been a busy one for Millie and her milestones, she has learnt to clap and her cutest new thing is to give kisses to everyone/everything!

I know this video is a bit amateur but as I said she loves to give kisses to everyone and everything! She was trying to kiss the camera!

Cant believe my baby is growing up so fast!

Heat Holders review

The weather over the last couple of weeks has been a bit miserable hasn't it?! If its not pouring with rain, its bitterly cold and windy. Well it is here in Kent anyway.

About a month ago we were sent some Heat holder socks for me and Chester to review. I have been waiting for the perfect time to try them out, the last couple of weeks we have certainly tried them out (lots!).

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A day of Disney video game fun!

On Tuesday myself, Chester and Millie made our way to Disney Head Office in London for a fun filled day learning all about some exciting new Disney computer games.

There was certainly lots to see and do for me and Chester (Millie was happy to watch!) aside from the games they had someone making things out of balloons (Chester chose a buzz light year lazer gun!) and also someone face painting but for some reason Chester was not interested in that!