Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Finger Paints..... gone wrong

Today I made a big mistake.....

When Chester asked me if we could get the finger paints out I said yes. That was the mistake right there.

I think this will be the one and ONLY time I say that I am thankful for the wooden floor in our front room. Chester wanted to let Millie have a go too so I stripped her down to just her bodysuit, put lots of paper on the floor, and six pots of finger paints. Looking back at it now, maybe I should of just got the one pot out?

So Chester was very happy to start getting his fingers in the paint and putting it all over his paper, Millie on the other hand was not too impressed. Then when she did eventually put her fingers in the paint she decided to eat it!! She realised very quickly that it was not food!

So then I had to go and get Millie cleaned up, it was near her nap time so I decided to clean her up and put her to bed. I told Chester very clearly to stay exactly where he was and I would be back to clean him up very very soon.

I was gone less than 5 minutes, do you think he stayed where he was?? No, no he didnt. By the time I had made it down the stairs the finger paint was all over the floor, on the door handle, the door frame, the WALL . Then moving into the hallway... again on the wall. The downstairs cloakroom? Yes, you guessed it, on the wall, the door, the handle, the sink the taps, some more wall!!!! ARGH!!!!

Thank goodness that the finger paint was washable! Luckily it all came off, but OMG what a nightmare! Who would of thought that getting the finger paints out would be such a drama?! I have well and truly learnt my lesson, do not attempt to do messy activities with both children at once!!

So here a few pictures of the finger painting experience!


.... After

My poor sink!!!


  1. Hehe looks like they both had fun though! Will remember this for future when I have two little monkeys though!

  2. Bex, you totally need to remember this! Luckily they are so cute I forgave them very quickly :)

  3. LOL Oops ! Looks like they all had fun though, which is the main thing, right ?!! :)

    1. Very true, lots of giggles were had by the kiddies at the time! I just took me a few more hours to laugh about it!

  4. Oh but they had such a wonderful time! I have so many moments like this where I wonder why i started something - or why I didn't think it through. Houses look better with a few handprints - don't they?!!!

    1. Thank goodness you said that Rebecca because my house certainly has a few handprints haha

  5. Aaah it all started off so well! I guess yes, kids and paint.. will equal mess!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  6. Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase!!