Friday, 8 June 2012

Cheeky Chester's rice crispie turkey!

BritMums are running a Lean on Turkey competition, sponsored by The Prize is £250 and a masterclass with Marco Pierre White! YES, thats right I said Marco Pierre White!! WOW what a prize! So here is my entry!

Thinking of a turkey recipe was not hard for me because me and Chester (my very active cheeky 3 year old) make this one all the time! It is a fun family favourite that Chester loves to help me make.


4 Turkey breast steaks (roughly 340g)
100g plain flour*
2 eggs
150g rice puff cereal*

*With the flour and cereal you may find you need a little more but one of my pet hates is food waste so I feel its always best to start with minimum and then add more if needed!

Put the flour into a bowl, crack the eggs into another bowl and mix with a fork (I also add a small amount of water to make this mix go further!)

Next get a large bowl, pour in some rice puff cereal and using the end of a rolling pin (or if you are a cheeky 3 year old your hands!) and roughly crush the cereal.

 Get ready a baking tray with a wire rack on top and put the oven onto 200degrees.

Cut the turkey into strips ...

.... and place in the bowl of flour,then put it in the bowl with the egg and coat it in the egg mix, then put the turkey into the bowl with the rice puff cereal and roll it in the cereal until coated all over.

Place the Turkey onto the wire rack/baking tray and cook in oven for 25 mins.

We normally serve ours on one plate in the middle of the table with Jacket potatoes, salad and a selection of dips! We have also been known to share them while watching a family film on a rainy Sunday afternoon! There is 3 of us (will be 4 when Millie is old enough!) and we normally find it makes a perfect amount to fill our tummies!


  1. they look great & when I was making my turkey fingers I was going to use cornflakes but realised we didn't have any left & I considered using rice crispies instead but didn't know how they would turn I know I will definitely try it next time!

  2. Thank you :) its something I used to do with my Dad as a child so have done it with Chester since he was old enough to eat it! They are yummy!

  3. Fab recipe - I tried this last night. Only difference being I used wholemeal flour instead of ordinary. It was a big hit with my daughter and her friend she had round for a playdate. The hubs was a bit dubious at first but no complaints. As for me... I could have happily snacked on them all evening! Thanks for sharing this great recipe! xx

  4. Thanks Emma, so glad you all enjoyed them! x

  5. Great idea - looks fun so I'll try this with JD :) Thanks for linking up x