Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Baby Show & Millies first adventure on a train!

Having a newborn I was desperate to go to The Baby Show to check out the latest 'must haves', after all its amazing what you forget and what new ideas come out in the 3 years since I last had a baby in the house!!

I was super excited about Millie's first Train ride and took my mother in law with me to share the experience. It was also the Graco Symbio b's first time on the trains too.
This is us waiting for the train!!

I wasn't really surprised at how well either Millie or the Symbio b coped on the train, they were both really good. I loved having the Symbio b's break on the handle it was so much easier and the pushchair stayed in place through all of the trains movements. Getting on and off of the train was easy, the symbio b is light so was easy to tilt it to step on/off of the trains, even on the underground. My only real concern was that Millie had no 'strap' to keep her secure (my other pushchair has a strap in the carrycot mode) but to be fair she did not move at all even when we sneakily went down the escalators!!

When we arrived at the baby show at around 10am it was busy but not packed! Millie was getting hungry so we went over to the main stage and I fed her whilst we was watching the fashion show, which was great. We then went to the baby changing area where they provided you with nappies and wipes! A nice touch I thought.
Top of my must see stands was MAM as Millie uses there bottles and dummies, they had a great deal on dummies, teething and feeding accessories (3 products for £10) so we made use of that and stocked up on dummies and a dummy holder to attach to the pushchair. I also had a voucher I had printed off for a free MAM self sterilising bottle so was able to claim that, even though Millie has outgrown the smaller bottles I can use it for drinks of water for her so was really pleased. Also there was a very helpful staff member who helped me with my query on a faulty bottle I have.
Then a really nice couple expecting there first child approached me and asked questions on the Symbio b! I was very happy to help them and answer there questions. The lived on the 4th floor with no lift so wanted to know how light it was and how easy they would be able to get it up and down the stairs. I explained that it is easy to take apart the carry cot/seat from the wheels and that the wheels fold up compact and they are easy to hold whilst folded. They were really happy with the advice I gave them and I hope my advice helps them with there decision choosing a pushchair.

Nuby had fantastic offers on there stand it was 2 toys/teethers/cups for £5! So we made use of this also.

We had Millie's picture taken for the baby of the year competition but she would not smile so I doubt very much she will win that one lol!

Avent were giving away a pack of dummies for signing up to there mailing list so we got Millie some for 6months plus and will try them out when she gets to that stage.

One stand ( baby reflex) was offering to show you some baby reflexology so we sat down and made use of this. I have to say I truly believe it worked as Millie has since been really good at bringing wind up (before she struggled lots!) so I will keep this up.

We had a lovely lady from Happyhands put Millie's hand a foot print onto paper for us, it was mess free and did not involve any ink! We were so impressed that we are going to order a family print with all four of our hand prints on! Such a lovely idea.

Another great product I had not seen/heard about before was by mummums and they were baby and toddler biscuits made from premium Japonica Rice, the lovely lady on the stall explained that they were best selling in the US and Canada and they were bringing them over here, she said they are gluten, egg and peanut free. They have no artificial colours or flavours and no added fats or oils. They do two different types (Baby mum-mum and toddler mum-mum) she kindly gave me samples of each and when we got home I gave some toddler ones to Chester who loved them! The toddler ones are strawberry flavoured, the baby ones are slightly harder as they are aimed at helping with teething!

We made use of the main stage especially as I am still getting tired quite quickly (I think I forget I only had a c section 6 weeks ago!) There were some really informative talks and Millie LOVED the bear dressed in a ballet outfit for baby ballet!
This is Millie in her Symbio b having a rest whilst we wait for something to come on the main stage!

We had a really fab day, there were loads of other great stalls/products on show, too many to mention! Overall I think Millie's first trip to London was a huge success and I cant wait to go back to The Baby Show later in the year at Earls Court!

Train journey home!

Look out for my next blog post which will be all about our family day out!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Graco Symbio B Adventure begins!

So on Friday evening when I sat down with my well deserved cup of coffee, I checked my emails to find that My Graco Symbio B Pushchair had been dispatched and would be with me on Monday!!
Monday came and I was up early with excitement!!
This was the moment it arrived in my living room .....!

That evening when a very over excited Chester and a chilled out Millie were fast asleep I took the opportunity to unpack! I read the instructions, which were very clear and set about putting it 'together'. I am so so amazed at how easy it was! I will be posting more pics of this stage soon. I LOVE the colour, it is a Chilli Red, and I love that the carrycot mode, the mode that we will be using now has a little 'duvet' to zip into it. Perfect to keep my little Millie cosy and warm!
My husband was shocked that I had worked it all out by myself! Needless to say I was itching to 'test' it out so I packed it in the car (it took up 3/4 of my Ford Focus boot space, which is the same as my current pushchair) ready for the mornings adventures!!

The Graco Symbio B's first outing was to Sainsburys (how exciting!!) as Chester was nagging me to try and find him some more skylander figures (which we did not find grrr) I was amazed that I remembered from last  night how to put it up and even more amazed at how quickly it was up and Millie was in it!! I LOVE the fact you just 'click' the carrycot/seat unit into place!

So after the drama's of not being able to find any Skylanders Chester agreed that it would be a good idea to go and feed the ducks!
I was a bit sad at this point that the Symbio B would be getting dirty tyres (sad I know!) but very excited to try over different terrains! This was also Millie's first outing to feed the ducks and at 6 weeks old I think she really appreciated it lol! So here is a picture of Millie in her Symbio B (with Chester and Grandad Guy in the background racing off to find more hungry ducks!)

This next picture is of the Symbio B on a steep hill (this picture does not really do the hill justice I have to say). Another thing I love so far about the Symbio B is that the break is on the handle bar (right hand side)! So much easier than having it where I am able to kick it by accident!!

So far I am really pleased with the experience I have had so far, it is wonderfully light to push and lift, which is extremely important for me having had a c section 6 weeks ago! Had no difficulty over bumpy surfaces and Millie seems to be comfortable in it! I will keep you all updated of our Graco Symbio B adventures as the weeks go on. In typical Sammie style I have lots of adventures lined up so will love to see how it copes with my hectic family life!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hi everyone!
I have decided to take the plunge and start up my own blog!! So here goes!!

I am a busy SAHM mum of 2... one boy, Chester aged 3 and one girl, Millie aged 5 weeks! I love to find deals and bargains especially those that are family related! I also love to enter competitions! I love chatting to other parents about all sorts of parenting things.
I love giving and receiving advice, and over the next few months (no hang on ..... for the rest of my life?!) I will be finding out what life is like with 'one of each' so will probably need lots of advice!!

I love to review products so anyone looking for a reviewer please feel free to contact me!

So I will keep it short and sweet for my first post, but keep your eyes peeled for my second as it is going to be about a Graco Symbio b that I will be reviewing!!


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

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