Sunday, 24 April 2016

A trip to Wembley for Chester!

So at midday today I waved Chester and my Dad off at the Train Station as they headed up to Wembley.

As you all know, Chester is really passionate about Football, especially where his beloved Crystal Palace are concearned! Luckily, whilst we were on holiday my Dad manage to get 2 tickets for the FA Cup semi final. One for him and one for Chester. Sadly I do not have a Crystal Palace membership anymore as there is really no need when I normally book tickets through Chester's membership, so I didn't get to go! 

However, I was so very happy that my Dad go to take Chester to his first ever trip to Wembley. Just as he had done with me when I was younger. 

Chester was apparently totally in awe at the sheer size of Wembley, and when he only has Selhurst Park as a comparison I can totally see why he was speechless! 

I watched the match at home, and it was one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my football watching life! I just so desperately wanted Chester to experience a Wembley win! 

Luckily they did win. 2-1. 

Chester has come home extremly tired but full of stories and wow moments to tell us! I am so happy for him. These memories will last a life time, he will never forget the day that Grandad took him to Wembley! 

Monday, 18 April 2016

Our Easter holiday fun at Duinrell, Holland

If someone had suggested we take a family holiday to Holland a few years ago I probably wouldn't have taken their advice. But someone mentioned it last year, I looked into it and found Duinrell. From what I could see it was a holiday park with a theme park and water park on site. The price seemed to fit into our budget so I took the plunge and booked it!

Well, I am so glad that I did! 

Looking into travel we decided it was best for us to get the Eurotunnel. It was a 3.5 hour drive from Calais to Wassenaar (the town in which Duinrell is situated). Most of which was motorway driving so quite easy. The children were occupied with films on the iPads, which really helped too! 


The whole week was just amazing from start to finish! There was so much to do onsite, we barely had time for anything else! 

There was plenty of rides, enough to keep all ages entertained. Millie absolutely loved the Rick the Frog Rollercoaster (this was probably not its name that's just what she called it!), they had a couple of small train rides, one of which took you into a friendly troll cave, which she adored and the other (in her words) wiggles along the track! 

Chester is a thrill seeker and he loved Falcon (very similar to Saw in the UK). The water ride Splash was also a big hit, I didn't mind it either as you could choose to go in a covered or an open boat! Plus another coaster called Falcon was another hit. 

The ride photos were only €2 to get sent to you via email, which I felt was amazing value and meant that we got to download and keep some fantastic moments caught on camera! 

I can't remember the name of this water ride, but it was a firm favourite with all four of us...

The water park 'Tiki Bad' was awesome! So many flumes and slides, again all ages were well catered for. Chester loved the flumes, and all of us really loved the Lazy River! 

In the evenings we either went swimming or went to The Plaza, which was the main centre of Duinrell.

Millie loved 'The Pub' because she loves to dance! The food choices at Duinrell were great and fairly priced, as was everything else to be honest. The mini bowling was just €3 each and the Midget Golf was €1 each. Which meant that we could say yes more often than no!

We also ventured outside of Duinrell and I am going to write seperatly about those days out soon. But for now here are a few more pictures of what the children have called 'the best holiday we have ever had'....... 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fun at the farm...

Last weekend my Sister treated Chester to a trip to Alton Towers. So it was only fair that we treated Millie to a day of fun too. After lots of debating we decided on the Rare Breeds Centre which is not too far from us and costing only £6.50 each to get in!

It was an absolutely amazing day. There was so much to do we will actually have to go back! 

Millie absolutely adored the 3 week old piglets and this is where we spent most of our time... 

I really loved that it was all very relaxed and hands on. Millie really loved petting the animals, she found it hilarious that the cockerel allowed her to stroke him! 

There was such a big variety of animals, Millie was amazed by each and everyone, she even felt brave enough to look at the reptiles! 

The play areas were great, one kept Millie so entertained that we didn't have time to explore the other! 

We got to have a ride on a tractor/trailer

Watch a birds of prey show

And we even completed an adventure course on Troll Island! 

It was a really lovely day, my only regret is that we didn't go there sooner! We will certainly be back, Millie hasn't stopped talking about the piglets, and we know that Chester will love it too! 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Spring has sprung at Beefeater!

I always seem to be pretty surprised at how quickly Spring has sprung. But this year it seems to have taken forever! For me, the turning point has been the past week. Where the sun has shown itself a lot more than it hasn't!

So what better way to celebrate Spring than a trip to Beefeater to try out the new Spring menu?! After a fab day out at The Rare Breeds Centre in Ashford (more on that soon) we ended up at Beefeater Eurika Park, which is also in Ashford. 

Reading through the menu I could see some really lovely new choices, in fact I found it difficult to choose, especially where the starters were concerned. As Craig and I both love puddings we decided to share a starter and a pudding as we knew we would never be able to fit in 3 courses, despite the amount of walking we had done that day! 

For starters they have got a Salt Beef Board, which looks amazing and is just the kind of thing Craig would enjoy. But eventually we went for the Freshly Grilled tear and share Flatbread, which was topped with chargrilled chicken, Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing and regato cheese. I am pleased that we did as it was delicious. It was just right as a starter, not too heavy and just the right amount to share. 

Main course Craig was instantly drawn to the new Surf and Turf and chose to have the Prawn and Lobster sauce to accompany it. The Surf and Turf comes with an 8oz Sirloin, half shell garlic king prawns, chunky chips, side salad, tomato and mushroom. Craig admits that he was a little underwhelmed when it was put in front of him. At a cost of £18.49 he expected a little bit more of a wow factor. He said the steak was delicious and was perfectly cooked to his requested medium well, however the prawns he felt were a little bit of an after thought. There were only 3 of them and after de shelling them, there was barely anything left! 

I choose to have the Chicken Escalope, which is breaded Chicken brushed with garlic, topped with cheese, bacon and a fried egg. Served with skinny fries and a salad garnish. Oh. My. Gosh. It was AMAZING! The portion size was HUGE, I really wanted to eat it all but it was so filling! The Chicken Escalope took up most of my plate (which wasn't small!) it was cooked perfectly and definitely something I would choose to have again. 

It's also worth noting that I was also eying up the new lighter options which are 500 calories or below. What caught my eye particularly in that range was the Ultimate Steak Salad. A 6oz flat iron Steak, with grilled peppers, courgette, red onion, mixed leaf salad, tomatoes and a French dressing. 

Pudding was an easy choice for both of us, Salted Caramel apple crumble! We both love anything salted caramel and this was no exception. It was delicious, had just the right amount of salted caramel sauce! The table next to us had the new trifle slice which I have to say did look rather yummy!

Reading all of this you may think that we had a 'date night' but actually Millie was with us too! The children's menu has not changed, but I don't think that is a bad thing. Beefeater seem to have it just right where Children are concearned. Millie loves the visual menu and being able to choose each step of her meal. It's such good value for money too, with a 3 course children's meal with a drink only costing £5.99. 

Craig and I also thought it was worth mentioning that no matter what Beefeater we have had the pleasure of eating in, the staff have always been amazing. Eurika Park was no exception, as usual we felt that the staff came across very family friendly, taking the time to listen to what Millie had to say and also very attentive but not in an intrusive kind of way. For us this makes a family meal out with young children a lot more enjoyable than we have experienced in other establishments and is the main reason that we will return. Happy children = happy parents! 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Millie ice skating without the penguin!

As most of you will know, over the last few weeks Millie has got a new hobby. Ice Skating. Over the weeks her confidence has been up and down. Last week was quite a down week and although she didn't want to leave her penguin she picked up speed.

But this week was very much an up week .... 

She really amazed us today! She didn't really want to use her penguin at all, and at one point she skated off so fast without me that I used her penguin to catch up! 

We also took Chester today, as it was the first time he had shown any interest in wanting to go. He was very nervous at first but he really enjoyed himself and Millie really enjoyed 'teaching' him. 

It was great to see them both enjoying something together. A really lovely treat on Mothers Day! 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

World Book Day 2016. Chester is transformed into Peter Rabbit!

At School recently Chester's class have been learning all about Peter Rabbit in literacy. So it was not really much of a surprise when he asked to dress up as Peter Rabbit for world book day.

Sadly I couldn't find any Peter Rabbit costumes so it was down to me to think outside of the box. I managed to buy a pair of chinos, a white t shirt and a blue jacket. So all I needed were accessories to pull it together. 

I started with the tail, by making a giant Pom Pom... 

Next I used some felt to sew together some brown ears...

And then I used orange felt, green felt and some cotton wool to make a carrot! 

The finished result was a very tired Mummy, but more importantly a very happy Chester! 

Did your children dress up for World Book Day this year?! 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Baby Born Deluxe Winter Set

Last year when Millie and I celebrated National Dolly Day with Zapf Creations, I discovered just how much Millie loves to dress and undress her dolls.

Her favourite doll is still her Baby Born boy doll, which you may remember she has named Baby Chester, after her big brother! So when we were sent the new Baby Born Deluxe Winter Set to review, Millie insisted that her Baby Chester would be the one to wear it! 

The winter set consists of a snuggle warm pink Jumpsuit, which has a cute Norwegian pattern and is even lined with a warm fur material. It comes with sunglasses too! 

I am really pleased that she chose Chester as her test subject for this, proving that boys (even dolls) can pull off wearing pink just as much as girls! 

Luckily as Baby Chester is a Baby Born doll, the outfit was the perfect size for him! As its an all in one it was a little difficult for Millie to put it on by herself. She is 4 and can normally dress her dolls independently, but this time she needed help getting the feet into the suit. She wasn't bothered that she had to ask for help, in fact I would say that she was happy I was getting involved with her imaginary play.  

It's a really trendy set, I have seen it online and in shops for around £17.99 at the moment. Millie and I think it would be a great addition to any dolls wardrobe! Millie said that the best thing about the set is that her baby Chester would not get cold when she takes him out and about now! 

She really did fall in love with the sunglasses though, so much so that she has spent a lot of time wearing them herself! The last picture isn't very clear because I was laughing so much whilst taking it!